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Social Distancing Tiki Bar Party


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The first part of 2020 was all about COVID-19 and social distancing to prevent rampant spread of the virus.  And most people behaved and stayed home, which was good.  But, that also allowed desires to build far beyond normal levels.  The last weekend in July, after beaches and restaurants started reopening, we went up the coast to a hidden rocky cove we had discovered a couple of years back.  Not too many people like to go to the beach in the cove.  While the beach is good you need either a small boat or be willing to hike down a narrow path along the cliff.  The beach was never deserted, but only had a couple dozen people max. In the evenings and into the night there were always bonfires and some people would skinny dip in the moon light.


Deb suggested we go to the “cove” to skinny dip and finally meet up with some of the regulars, after such a long time.  As we broke through the brush at the bottom of the trail we could see there was a good party going on.  There were two big bonfires and a tiki bar setup serving drinks and even had a blender running on a generator.  Even though we were on the beach, everyone was wearing cloth masks of different prints.  We were directed over to a table setup for checking in.  That seemed really bizarre, but we when over.  We recognized the blonde behind the table.  She looked sixteen, but we knew she was 25 for chats last year.  Deb said “Hi Sara.  Hi Saul”


Sara gave us each a mask and said it must be worn at all times, unless eating something, with a wink even while swimming.  All the masks have cute matching names for the couples, so you had a name to call them.  They were also the same color.  She pointed out there was a small flap in the front for put the straw from your drink into.  She also gave each of us our own tumbler mug with straw for all drinks.  And said admission was $25 per person for the mask and mug.  I paid, with the credit card I had just in case.  Sue told us this was like a masquerade party, so keep the masks on.  We grabbed the bright orange masks with the named Denise and Derek.


We found a spot for our towels and stuff not too far from the tiki bar and not close to where others had setup.  Since it was at least an hour before sunset, we went down to the water for a quick splash and to see if we thought we saw anybody we might know.  It looked like the normal crowed was there, ranging from some “kids” in their late teens/early twenties to couples in their 50’s, like us.  There we people just wading in the water on one side.  And what looked like 3 couples of “kids” playing some type of keep away with a ball in the surf.  I watched them for awhile since the girls were all topless.  Knowing it was going to be a fun evening we went up to the tiki bar and got some drinks.  Deb ordered a margarita and I got the rum punch.


At the bar we started talking with the other couple standing there getting drinks.  The conversation started with the usual small talk.   Kevin and Kerry were both in their mid 40s and from Kansas.  He was an account exec.  He was about 6’ 1”, 180 lbs and was is great physical shape from hours in the gym.  Kerry was shorter at about 5’ 4” maybe about 130 lbs with long black hair and perky A-cup breasts with large nipples standing erect.  With the masks on we all were more free with our conversation since there seemed to be a sense of being anonymous.  Kerry was telling us that there were there last night.  The crowd was smaller, but she had gotten extremely aroused watch different people having sex in the open.  She blushed beyond her mask and that one guy even came over to a couple having sex and she started sucking on his cock.  Kevin just kept nodding saying they never believed stuff like that actually happened.   Kevin said that when he reached over to play with Kerry’s nipples through her bathing suit she had moaned, grabbed his hand and dragged him at a sprint back up the hill and to the hotel where she had fucked his brains out.


Kerry said she had a few drinks, otherwise she would never, NEVER been going topless in public.  Tonight she planned on staying and drinking at the beach all night.  Kevin looked a little unsure about her plans, but was staying with his wife.


“Denise, have you ever been here before” asked Kerry.


“We have been here a couple of times before in the day”, replied Denise.


“Is it always like this?”


“No, this is the first time we have seen a party like this here.”


“Denise, now tell the truth.  Have you ever done it here?  You know with other people watching you?”


“Yes and no.  We’ve had sex here once or twice in after sunset.  No, there was nobody standing beside our blanket watching us.  But, more than likely someone saw us having sex.”


Kerry gasped, putting her hand up to the mask on her face.  “I don’t think I could do that.  But, watching the people last night got me sooooo horny!”


“That is for sure” Kevin chimed in.


“Don’t worry Kerry, once you get into it you won’t even notice anybody is around you at.  It add to your excitement too, trust us.”


“What about you two?”, Kerry asked.


“Don’t worry we plan on having plenty of sex tonight.  Bartender, another Margarita please.”


With that Denise pulled her t-shirt off exposing her DD-cup breasts.  They are no longer as firm and tight as they used to be, but the large nipples were fully erect and asking for attention.


Kerry gasped “I’ve never seen another woman’s breasts up close before.  Yours are so much bigger than mine.”


“But, yours are beautiful too” Kevin and I said in unison.  Causing both of us to be hit by our wives before all four of us started laughing.


“But Denise, last night the couple we saw.  A guy just walked up and stuck is cock in her mouth.  I can’t do that.  No, I just can’t.”


“Don’t worry Kerry.  I’m sure they knew him.  Or he asked at the very least.”


“Are you sure?”


“I’m sure.  And how do you know?  Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to have another mouth sucking on your hard nipple while your husband is fucking your pussy?  Or stroking another cock at the same time?”


Kerry blushed a very bright red at that.  Even Kevin was slightly shocked.


“Maybe” Kerry whispered.


I think the masks had made the women bold.  Denise had talked about that during role playing when she was traveling and I was texting her stories to masturbate to in the hotel bar.  I didn’t yet know how bold.  Now Denise was talking quietly hoping only Kerry could hear, or at least not the bartenders.


“Kerry, I love when Derek goes down and licks and fingers my pussy.  And some nights when I am really horny and wet with my juices flowing.  He will slide a finger into my ass while sucking my clit.”


“Doesn’t that hurt?  I don’t think I would like it.”


“You might be surprised.  It doesn’t hurt, but the pressure feels weird at first.  But once you get used to it, it feels incredible.  It gives me the strongest orgasms!!  It is amazing.  But it gets even better.”


“Better??” Kerry asked with a puzzled look.


“I thought his finger plunging in and out of my ass was great, don’t get me wrong.  I love when he finger fucks my asshole.  But, one night after we got back from the movies.  I think it was 50 Shades Darker.  After finger fucking my ass while licking my clit with my glass dildo in my pussy, he rolled me over and slid his cock into my pussy doggy style.  BUT…then the finger went back into my ass.  OH MY GOD!!  I could feed his finger and cock pressing on the thin skin deep in side of me.  I cam instantly when he slid is finger in.”


“Has he ever put is cock into your ass?  That is much bigger than a finger.”


“Yes, and it felt wonderful.  It took time and practice, and a lot of lube.  But it is worth it.  The feeling you get when you ass is full, there is nothing like it.  But my pussy was sad and empty.  So, I but a set of butt plugs online.”


“Really” Kerry exclaimed.


Kerry seemed to be squeezing her legs together.  And it was very obvious Kevin has hard and was pressing the bulge in his shorts onto her arm.


“Yes.  I started by putting the smallest one in my ass in the evening while watching TV or a movie.”


“Doesn’t it hurt?”


“No.  The first night it felt weird.  But, when I walked around it rubbed the inside of my pussy and got me wet.  After a couple weekend I tried the medium size one.  The took more practice to insert, but feels so much better when it is in.  My ass feels nice and full.  The problem is, that after walking around for about 15 minutes I am so fucking horny I have to go in to the bathroom and rub my clit until I cum screaming.”


“I know I can’t do that.” said a shocked Kerry.


“You will never know until you try.  But, with the butt plug in while Derek is eating or fingering my pussy is wonderful.  But, the feeling of getting fucked while my ass is full with the butt plug is is is, I can’t explain.  But, the idea of a second real cock in my ass instead of the butt plug is a wonderful fantasy.”


“Denise, don’t tell me you are going to hook up with another guy here and be fucked by Derek and a stranger in your ass?”


“No of course not Kerry.  But, it does make for great masturbation images”


Kerry and Kevin had looks of shock or amazement on their faces as we turned and walked away from the bar.  It is hard to tell for sure with their masks on.


“I bet she will be thinking about her ass, after listening to you.  Did you see how aroused she had gotten?”


“Yes, I bet she is going to drag him off into the bushes and jump on his cock and ride him.”


“I hope he doesn’t get hurt ;)”


“LOL” Denise said as we walked towards one of the bonfires and sat on our blanket.  About the same distance as our blanket was from this bonfire was  two big blankets put together with the six “kids” we had seen earlier, we never did find our their names so together we named them.  First there were Bambi and Brad.  Bambi was blonde, skinny with big tits and a squeaky voice.  Brad was muscular and with a sharp jaw and also blonde.  They looked like they might have been a cheerleader and was the captain of the football team.  Brittney was heavier than Bambi, then then most 8 year olds were probably heavier than Bambi.  Brittney had bright red hair, green eyes (I think) and medium C-cup tits with small nipples.  Brian was also a red head, medium build, but he had a long thin cock.  Denise says over 8” long, but I said 7”.  But, she won’t let me go over and ask, oh well.  The third couple we named Becky and Ben.  They both had dark complexion skin and black hair.  Ben was short and muscular with what looked like a shorter but very fat cock that Becky was absentmindedly stroking as she sat talking the the other two girls.  Becky was also short like Ben with B-cup breasts with dark nipples.


Bambi was laying on her stomach the Brad kneeling between her legs.  He appeared to be rubbing lotion onto her legs and butt.  From the look on her face, it was obvious that sometimes Bard was rubbing her pussy instead.  Brittney was on her back it Brian also was on his knees between her legs.  But, Brian had his face in Brittney’s pussy.  We watched as Bambi and Brittney went from talking with Becky to gasping with pleasure as each had their first orgasms of the evening but their partners fingers.


Denise seems to be enjoying the show the “kids” are putting on, not that I was complaining.  I pull down my mask and lean over and suck a nipple into my mouth and suck.  I must have surprised her because she let out a loud gasp.  I bite on the nipple so I can pull it with my teeth.  I slide my hand between her legs to find the crotch of her bathing suit is soaking wet, while the rest is dry.  As I rub, she spreads her legs more and more.  Denise lets out a soft moan and licks her lips.  She is staring at Becky as Becky is sucking on Bens cock.  His cock is so fat she is mostly licking it instead putting it into her mouth, but she is staring back into Denise’s eyes and making a show of sucking Ben’s fat cock.  I reach to pull the bathing suit bottom off of her hips.  Denise lifts her hips and rotates before laying back down so she can keep watching Becky.


I start with my tongue flicking your clit.  Then I circle your firm clit with my tongue.  I can tell you like this by how your hips are squirming.  Slowly my tongue go into your pussy, so I can lick up all of your sweat juices.  I start licking from your asshole to your clit with my tongue, making you squeal each time my tongue hits your sensitive clit.  My tongue starts working in earnest on your clit as I slide a finger deep in your pussy for the first time.  I take my time licking your clit while I slide a second finger into your pussy and start pumping in and out.  It doesn’t take too long with all the sex around us for your first orgasm to come.  While you are coming down from your high, it dig around in the beach bag.  I find the small butt plug you now bring most places.  You ass is covered in your dripping pussy juices.  So I use some to lubricate the butt plug and slowly slide in to your ass.


“Hmmmmm, that feels nice.  What are your plans for that?” Denise asks.


“No plans specifically, but I think you need to wear that for a while as we walk around and get more drinks” I reply.


“Are you sure that is a good idea, you know that having a butt plug in does to me?”


“That is exactly why I think you will want to have it in”


As we walk around we end up at the bar to refill our drinks.  The sun has set and the beach is dark, except for the light from the two bonfires.  Kevin and Kerry are at the bar so we stop to talk some more.  Kerry seems more relaxed now, she and Kevin are both naked.  As she is talking to us, she is holding on to Kevin’s erect cock.  The torches at the bar show his cock is shinny and wet.  And there is a white puddle of cum leaking out of Kerry’s neatly trimmed pussy on to the bar stool between her spread legs.  Kevin is standing behind her with his drink in one hand and one of her breasts in the other, just lightly playing with her hard nipple.


“Looks like you have already had some fun Kerry” I said.


“Oh my fuckin’ god Denise!!!  I got so horny while listening to you.  That after you left I dragged Kevin back to your towel fucked his brains out”.


“Derek said you would do that”, Denise replied.  “I quite horny now too, Derek put one of my butt plugs in.”


“Show me”


Denise turns and bends over showing her butt plug with the purple gem sticking out.


Kerry tentatively reaches out and touches it with a finger.  “It looks so big, are you sure it doesn’t hurt?”


Denise shivers at the touch.  “No, it feels really good.  Trust me.”


I notice there is a puddle of Kevin’s cum forming between Kerry’s legs on the bar stool.  And she is still staring at the purple jewel.  I reach down to rub Denise’s butt and I trap Kerry’s hand on her butt.  I user her fingers to carrels her and to wiggle the butt plug at the same time.  Denise lets to a loud gasp each time we move the plug.  Kerry’s breathing is starting to get shallower as she is getting excited again.  Denise leans forward onto the bar, resting her large breasts with her erect nipple poking out looking for attention.


I move Kerry’s fingers with mine as i venture from the butt plug into Denise’s moist pussy.  We each slide one finger in and then out.  As we slide them in again I know the butt plug has pressure on it and is begin moved around too.  I know my fingers are also brushing her clit at the same time.


Kevin now has one of Kerry’s nipples in each hand and is rolling them and kneading her breasts.  She suddenly lets a loud gasp and shifts on the bar stool.  I see Denise is returning the favor and has her fingers in Kerry’s pussy.  Kerry’s hand is rapidly stroking Kevin’s cock and she has another female’s fingers for the first time in her pussy.


Kerry’s finger are no also rapidly fucking in and out of Denise’s pussy.  So move my hand around to Denise’s clit and give it full and proper attention.


Kevin lets out a loud grunt and shoot his sperm all over Kerry’s legs.  Kerry and Denise let out deep growls as the cum almost that the same time.  But, neither woman stop moving their fingers in the other’s set pussy.  With each stroke in and out of the fingers, there is squishing sound that very wet pussies make.


Denise turns her head to me and commands “Fuck me.  Fuck me now.  Fuck my ass with your cock!”


“Put your fingers back in my pussy!  I want his cock and your fingers”


I grab the purple jewel sticking out for her butthole and slowly pull it out.  I reach two fingers around to get some of the juices pouring out of Denise’s pussy and start rubbing them on my cock for lubrication.  After my second time, suddenly there is Kerry’s hand on my cock, stroking me to get me all coated with Denise’s sweet pussy juices.


I press my cock head agains her asshole, and she pushes back and swallows it.  Slowly and carefully I slick more of my hard cock into her ass.  When I am about halfway in I slowly pull out and start pushing back in until my cock is fully buried in Denise’s ass.  I grab Kerry’s writs and guide her hand back between us until I can feel her fingers deep in Denis’s pussy.


“Uggggg!!!!!  Oh my GOD!  That feels soooo good.  I love feeling that full” Denise growls loudly.


Kerry lets out another loud gasp and her body jerks.  But, I can still feel her fingers on the other side, deep in her pussy.


I grab Denise’s hips and start slowly plunging my cock in and out of the ass.  I try and keep a slow pace so I can last a while.  But, it is very hard with finger rubbing my cock from insider her pussy.  Denise scream as a strong orgasm catches her by surprise.  “Fuck me hard.  Fuck my ass deep.”


As my pace picks up I start shooting my cum deep into her bowels.  I ram my cock in and out of her ass a few more times before collapsing onto her back.  I look around a see we have a small crowd watching us and some are also fucking or giving blowjobs.  I see the six “kids” and Sara and Saul and three other couples I hadn’t seen yet.   Brittney looked the most aroused and interested.  She is whispering to Brian and looks like she was taking mental notes.


Denise hands me the butt plug and says “Put it back in.  I don’t want to loose anything I get tonight.”  So I put her purple jewel back in, grab a cleaning wipe and clean off my cock and around her purple jewel.


Most people have finished the activities and have come up the bar for drink refills and to chat.  We head back to our towels.   Denise says she needs about 30 minutes to recover and I like that idea.  I close my eyes and lightly dose off, the best that you can with the sounds of people close by having sex.


I wake from from my nap when I feel someone moving near by.


To be continued ….


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After reading this I put in a vibrating butt plug and my wife put in a g spot vibrator. We gave each other the others remote and took a ride to the beach for an orgasmic walk. Thanks for such a hot sexy story.

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