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My wife said that today she was going to show her appreciation to me for doing various things for her throughout the week. So late morning we showered and while I was mixing her a pina colada and me a Colorado bulldog she was getting the bedroom all ready for our sexual and sensual pleasures. When I walked in all the curtains were drawn and candles were lit and soft music was playing. I already started getting hard. We laid in bed for a while just having our drinks and talking and then we got out the coconut oil and started rubbing on each other's bodies. So we decided we were going to give each other massages. But first she put her g-spot toy in her pussy and she then put a prostate stimulator in my butt. While her toys were working she started giving me a nice massage. I was laying face down with my head in a face cradle that I built and she was rubbing the coconut oil all over me. Working very sensual and slow from my neck, across my shoulders and down my lower back. She then went down to my legs and in the meanwhile as she crossed my ass she pushed on my prostate massager several times to get it in harder. My dick kept getting harder and harder as well. This probably went on for 15 minutes. She then had me turn over and she started working on my neck and my chest and then down to my cock and balls. Slowly she would rub up and down on my cock and push that prostate massager in deeper. I then told her it was her turn to get a massage.

With her g-spot vibrator still in I started with her massage. I know she likes me to push very hard along side of her spine down to her lower back. I did that for quite a while and then massaged her butt cheeks. I went down to her feet and put the coconut oil on and massaged and then started sucking on her toes. I then worked my way back up and started massaging her back more and decided I was going to see if she wanted little anal play. She never liked any of it before and anytime I would get my finger close to it she would start pulling away. While the vibrator was inside her pussy I got some vibrating anal beads and started gently rubbing around the edge of her asshole. I then started inserting it a little at a time and there was no resistance from her. As a matter of fact she pushed her ass back onto it a little bit further. Eventually I was able to put the entire anal beads into her ass. I was then nibbling on her ass and kissing up and down her spine and she was telling me that that felt good. At this point I had her turn over. The beads were still in her ass and her g-spot was still in her pussy and I started rubbing coconut oil on her breast. Then I started gently blowing on her nipples and nibbling on them a little bit. I moved around to her head and straddled her face and lowered my balls down to her mouth. She did not hesitate and started sucking one and then both into her mouth. Felt awesome. I then pulled my balls out of her mouth and replaced it with my cock. She then deepthroated me and this is a first for me as well. I can  see a look on her face that she was really close to orgasm so I moved back around to concentrate on her breast again while I inserted the anal beads in and out in and out in and out. At this point she exploded in orgasm. 

We then changed positions and I got on top of her and started kissing her. With both vibrators still in both holes I then straddled her and once again put my dick in her mouth. I told her this is like having three guys at once and she sucked harder and harder. I then pulled out and asked her what she would like. She said I would like for you to lick all around my pussy while my vibrator is still in. Did not hesitate. Went down and started licking all around and then flicked my tongue around her clit eventually sucked into my mouth. I then pulled a vibrator out of her ass and replaced it with slowly with my finger. I inserted it waiting for her to tell me to stop but instead she just moaned with more pleasure. I licked harder and harder and inserted my finger in and out harder and harder as well. At this point she says I'm ready to cum and I think I'm going to squirt.  At that point I pulled her vibrator out and  stuck my mouth on her pussy and started drinking all her squirt juice while my finger was fucking her ass.  After her orgasm I climbed up on top and stuck my cock deep inside her and I came in no time. We just rolled over, both of us breathing heavily and with just smiles on her faces and love in our hearts. We stayed there and held each other just for a while before getting up and cleaning up. I think with the way she started to feel about anal I might be able to get her to peg me sometime soon. As I'm writing this and thinking about our love filled afternoon it just brings a smile to my face.

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Such a hot story I think it would bring more than just a smile to your face!  Maybe get your cock hard for a re-play.

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