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Married Male Always Wanting More Sex


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Greetings to all.  Sexual activity has always been part of my life in every sense.  Before college I had several girlfriends, but one girl, Linda, I always returned to.  She was not the first girl I had intercourse with, but we got back together my senior year of college and made up for all those lost years,  She was fairly passive, but did always please me.  

In college I "blossomed" into the sexual being I am still today.  Nothing sexual was off the table with those girls I dated.  During summer vacation, I had three girls who visited me while my parents were at work to make love with me.  I never used birth control nor did they.  We were very lucky and no pregnancy occurred.  

After college I dated several girls from the same place we all worked.  I ended up marrying one of those girls.  In the beginning she was eager to provide me with fulfillment of my every desire.  Once we married, this slowly dissolved into purely mechanical sex.  After 25 years of marriage I filed for divorce.  

When I was 40, I met a submissive who was 18 and very eager to learn and please.  We were still together when I was 50.

For about ten years I lived in the D/s lifestyle and pleasured and disciplined many women, mostly married.  There were vanilla sexual partners too, as I discovered many women wanted more attention from their husbands who seemed to think "wham, bam, thank you mam" was enough.  Few women were being orally pleased by their spouses.  Most never had anal sex.  Both are areas of sex play I love.  In fact, I always felt it super important that I pleasure the woman to orgasm before she pleasured me.  After all, isn't the saying "ladies first"?

I am now married to a very sexual woman who is 17 years younger than me.  She had not experienced sex toys and I was happy to come across this website, which I showed her.  We have picked items together.  We are still trying to find a vibrator/clit vibrator to make her cum.  The hunt continues. 

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Good luck on your hunt and congrats on findings somebody that wants to experiment

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