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Filled my wife's request


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Has stated in an earlier post my wife requested that we go to the beach today and have a 3 F day to which I added a C . Fishing, Fucking, Fellatio and Cunnilingus.

After we got there she went for a walk and I set up my fishing rods. started catching a number of fish which will be dinner for tonight. when she got back she started doing some physical therapy exercises but not before inserting a we-vibe type toy. She was laying there doing her exercises and feeling the vibration and then when she turned over on her stomach she let out with a nice moan. It got pushed up tight into her pussy and on her clit and she almost orgasmed at that time.

Sometime later she looked at me and said I want to give you a blowjob. You don't have to ask me twice. She said my first my toy died and I need to insert a different one. We brought a second one just for that purpose. This was just a g-spot vibrator. She inserted it and we opened up both car doors and she sat on the ice chest and I moved up close to her and she swallowed my whole memory down her throat. I was looking down on her she was moving her head up and down sucking on my cock and I couldn't last very long and I exploded. She said did you enjoy that? I said it was fantastic you give great blowjobs. Now is my turn to please her.

I said now it's time for me to eat you. She said you didn't shave today and I'm afraid I'll get irritated. I said I promise I'll be jet and be careful. I moved her vibrator slightly so I can get down and open mouth completely over her clit. I gently sucked it into my mouth inflicted around with my tongue period very very carefully not to poker with my whiskers. LOL well she didn't take long and she had an orgasm as well.

We just opened up a beer and slowly sipped on it and as we were finishing I looked at her and said well now it's time for the third F. I got  into the passenger side of the truck and we pushed the seat all the way back. I laid back and had her climb in on top of me. I let her do all the action and it was not disappointing. She started slowly rubbing her self back and forth on my cock and then finally started bouncing up and down. We did not care that there were vehicles driving back and forth glancing over at us. We both had another orgasm and went back and finished our beers and sat there for a while just in total ecstasy. Glad I was able to fill her request


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