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Come Sail Away With Me

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She delicately inhaled the soft breeze as her gaze drifted over the moon's luminous reflection. The light cast it's way across the immense lake leaving her mesmerized.  In her dreamy state, she couldn't help but let out a little chuckle of happiness. 

The man lying next to her in the big hammock, gently ran his fingertips from her waist where his arm had been resting, to a new destination. Using his nailtips, he gently circled her nipple, still pebbled from the activity it had received earlier. It triggered a catch in her breath , as a downward radiation of electrical current jolted heat to her still swollen folds.

"What were you laughing about?", he whispered. 

"Sorry, if I woke you"...I guess I was laughing over how magical it looks out there, and how crazy it is that I'm actually here." 

Hmm "yep, I dont think I've ever seen it look so shiny... It's almost fluorescent."  Giving her an endearing grin, he continued to circle her greedy nipple. " I'm certain that it's a good crazy and not a bad crazy that  your here." he replied. 

"Mmmmm . Yes, definitely a good crazy " she moaned.  "I would go so far to say, a spectacular crazy." 

She still couldn't believe how they ended up together like this, and giggled as John Cougar Mellencamp's song " I need a lover that won't drive me crazy" came to mind. She often thinks in music . Songs playing in the background of her thoughts. 

His circling began to slow, and he seemed to be sliding back to sleep.  His hand gently relaxed and rested on her breast. The soft breathing of slumber ensued. Needing sleep herself, her eyelids fluttered , she couldn't fault him for crashing after the exertion of the day. Smiling, she reflected over the glorious fragment of life they had just shared. 

It started out on the water.  She was still smiling big ,  dreaming about how the sails,  mellow, unity seemed to explode into a race with the wind , when her friend had done his magic with the "ropes"...ropes...the halyard ??..She wasn't sure, these nautical terms were a whole new language and she had never even been on a sailboat before today. Feeling happy over the experience,  the corner of her mouth curved up as she thought , "sailing isn't all  he is magical at."  She learned that fact, after he had anchored them in a very private , little cove,  where her "friend" had become her "lover". 

There had been music playing.  It felt like the sound was vibrating, catching right along the railing and into her senses.  The soulful rock of Morrison singing, " Let your soul and spirit fly , into the mystic "  ... that sweet smile as he smoothed her hair away from her temple and asked, "May I kiss you?"  Tilting her face up, she had nodded and he gentled his mouth over hers. Softly exploring with a teasing taste . The wondrous sensation of an obviously expert kiss. It awakened her passion and expanded the glorious feeling that sailing and sunshine had started earlier.  The music hummed through her body as he slid his tongue along her neck gliding to the back of her ear. Tasting the faint salt and fresh smell of the water.  He nudged her soft, white, button-down shirt off her shoulders, rolling both arms downward, as he glided his lips along. ... " Is  this ok?" ... she nodded again Gripping the fabric he spoke, "nice sun protection" , then tugged her shirt and arms back confining her movement  like a pair of manacles.  

She gasped....He smiled....

Proceeding to lick along the edge of the flirty swimsuit covering her breasts. Tongue trailing along , he began wetting the thin fabric over her hungering nipples, suckling and nipping  them to a taunt and needy peak. The soft, wet exploring had her lungs building to a searing breathlessness, her body started to tremble and her knees began to lose the strength needed to stay upright.  As he licked  and caressed, he persuasively glided his hands down along her ribs. Finally,  pulling and tugging on the confining shirt, until it was sent fluttering to the deck.  With a sudden jerk, he seized her hips, pulling her toward him, and  away from the rail. Up onto the cushioned console nearby. It was a bold, twisting dance , executed just as Van's song increased it's pitch, drawling about wanting to "rock your gypsy soul" . You couldn't have choreographed a better move. And she sure felt that gypsy soul in her tonight. She wrapped her now " free" arms around his waist and up his back. God she loved this man's back...his shoulders...his arms. It was just meant to be...she was meant to be....

Hot blooded, and naked, and plastered right up to him and under him !!  ACDC's answer to "the best damn woman that I ever seen". 

Moaning, she wrapped her hungry thighs around him. Cushioning his virility up tightly toward her scorching center. It was getting hot for both of them. He ruggedly drifted his fingers along the edge of her dainty swimming bottoms. He was getting rough. " I have to slow down"..."I want to make this good for you". Smoothly and gently he finished the motion toward her quivering opening and slid his finger into her now slick, wet, desire...

" You don't have to slow down, you're fine..you're fine " She began moaning his name and muttering " Oh my God" ..." Oh my God "

He returned to kissing her. An emboldened,  wild war of tongues, and lips, and teeth. Building like beasts that had lost all control. His fingers strumming her hooded nub, then returning to her hot, wet, recess...

Back and forth. Rhythmically. Relentlessly.

She cried out his name again and knew she was gone! He kept moving from g-spot to clit, g-spot to clit. She was about to cum all over him. 

The heat was building and expanding as the electrical current engulfed her and made all other thoughts fly from her mind ! Replaced with a screaming pleasure. She gritted and moaned as her vaginal wall clamped down on his fingers. He slowed his movement, enjoying the feel of her now sopping, wet muscle, twitching in spasm . The slick moisture dripping down to collect in his palm.

He beamed with male contentment.  Feeling the self pride a man experiences, when he knows he has delighted a very hungry woman. 

She weakly reached up and feathered her fingers along his lips and sexy goatee. Their eyes locked, gazing at each other...

"Wow, just wow... I am still quivering" . His grin increased with her praise. 

" You know it's your turn now captain ", she murmured.  He laughed as she lazily slid over, and pointed to the chair next to the console she had been leaning back on. 

Sliding her finger along his waistband, she unhooked his shorts and let them fall to the deck. Pushing him back, she spread a soft towel over the luxuriously upholstered seat and said "sit down"...I am going to try to take care of you, like you just took care of me" . Drifting down between his legs,  he watched her head dip, as she spread his tanned thighs and began to lick along the crease at the top of his leg. Her hands groped down to cradle his sac and handle his cock. One hand gently stroking, she rutted and roamed along. Lapping...Licking...Sucking...as he gave a low sound of pleasure.  She worked her tongue back up his cock and drizzled dampness around the opening, with gentle nibbling, slurping kisses floating back  down the length she now held with both hands. Opening her mouth, she flirted her lips over him, and with a sucking motion began to engulf his manhood. Stroking and humming.  Up and down. 

Smiling upward with her eyes, mouth full, she mumbles " God I love this" .

"You?" You ought to be on this end", he groans. 

She brushed back her hair sliding over her face, returning her now available hand to his balls. Gently nudging around to place pressure and stimulation to the landing strip behind his scrotum.  Her lips lock around the head, while her other fist enfolds him. 

There is nothing like a head of hair between your legs, attached to a woman, making love to your cock, like she is tasting some exquisite meal....

It didn't take long to feel the pressure building. His ass and balls tightening, with heat radiating upward. Gripping and owning him.  A tangled flood of sensation. ...grabbing the back of her head with both hands...sighing.. short..rasping breaths and finally groaning out, "oh yes baby" ..."oh yes"...

His body seems to lock in place as all of his energy is poured into one propagating need. A need as old as time. 

His seed blasts out, with an untold velocity, finally, rhythmically slowing with a weakened protest. 

Wow..just wow...again. Smiles shared 

They wrapped the night up with another round of slippery sex... in, out and over the big double hammock. As they sipped on some sort of Captain's Passion Punch with rum. 

Her eyelids finally, fluttered again. Her brain accepting that it's time for some much needed sleep. The hammock gently sways as she turns and interlaces with the lover at her side. 

come sail away, come sail away, come sail away we me.....zzzzz

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1 hour ago, Ref620 said:

Thanks for the ride. 

What a lovely comment to make. 

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1 hour ago, hotwire said:

Would you like to go sailing Luv?

I've never been....

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  • 11 months later...
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Hi readers 📚👓

I wrote this short story about a real guy whose hobby was sailing. None of the story happened. All fantasy. But when I went to Belize last summer I chose to sail to the barrier reef and shark swim rather than the standard tourist boat trip. So at least now I've been sailing!! (no sex, but super diving and capturing the wind)

Anyway,  this was about the 4th story I had ever written.  They just flow. I guess I kinda  write my own Erotica....(Rio even commented that I have a gift and could write 😊)

Anyway, where am I headed with all of this? 

One of my TT friends PM'd a story to me, and I thought it would be fun to write a short story with an open ending and have the next person pick it up and see where all of our talent and fantasy lead us... I'm gonna ask permission to put that in to start out this game  

Does that sound like fun?  Anyway, I have to work, then family Turkey, then off to 3 day hike and camping, caving day and back to work *whew....

So I won't have time until next week. But keep watching and think about things you would like to see in "our story" ...Meanwhile,  working tonight and gotta go...

Have fun with this read I wrote for my pen pal. 


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It sounds like fun. The writing, the adding to the story and your trip.

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1 minute ago, Rio said:

It sounds like fun. The writing, the adding to the story and your trip.

I just adore you...

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