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Pipe fitter fantasy


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I supervise a powerplant and Im secretly bi. Every once in a while a pipe fitter comes in who causes me a twinge.  One night my third shift watch called out sick and I had to cover the plant. Around 1am the phone rings and this fella is at the gate. He left his house keys in his job box. So I open the gate and he comes in, a little drunk. He starts telling me about this hot girl stiffing him at the bar. I commiserate and I noticed a bulge in his tight jeans. As he continues about how horny he is I develop a bulge in my jeans. 
He looks and then looks at me. So I figure hes not into it. He steps out to go to relieve himself in the locker room. A while passes and Im concerned, so I head into locker room to make sure this guys not passed out. I walk in and the showers running. He calls out hope you dont mind but Im so drunk I shouldnt drive yet. No problem I yell back. Nervous and hard I say can I get you anything? To my surprise he yells back “I could use help with my back”. I latch the Locker room door.

I reach past the shower curtain to “wash his back” but hes facing me.  I couldnt talk, I knew this guy would be hot but I was not prepared for how hot. He smiled and says “ is my gay-dar wrong?” I say “well Im not gay but I am bi-curious” He says “ well lets explore that”. I strip down and join him in the shower.

He turns his back to me and I close in. I soap him up from behind. Hes a little shorter than me so I can lick his ear as my hands explore his rock hard pecs and abs. He reachs back and grasps my hard cock. My hand slides down his soapy lower abs and finds his pipe. He groans as I stroke. I get down on my knees still behind him. My left arm wrapped around his hard thigh finds access for my hand to grasp his sack. “Oh man” he says
My face firmly pressed across his solid cheeks, I run my tongue down his crack. 
I pull a bench into stall and he pits his leg up and squats down so I can slip my tongue into his sweet anus. He bucks almost instantly blowing a huge load against the shower wall.

Disappointed I did not get that beautiful seed into my mouth I run my hands down his wonderful legs. I grab my cock and explode. 

We towel off and he says “I owe you one and you aint curious!”

He promises next time I’ll get paid back.

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Thanks Rio, I would love to make the movie!

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Thanks! Glad you liked it.

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