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Surprise your lover with this little pleasure kit that will literally put pleasure possibilities in the palm of your hand. As tiny as a deck of cards, this phenomenal little kit really has a little of everything you would need to seduce and tantalize your lover. Pack it away for a weekend trip, slip it in your purse, keep it in the nightstand – wherever, whatever – this pleasure kit is ready when you are.

Normally, I don’t borrow the advertising words from these products in order to describe what I think the products attributes are – however, in this case, the Kama Sutra people have said it better than I ever could, and here is what they said about this little product:

“Passion can strike any time, anywhere. How clever of you to be prepared. Unleash the powers of these travel-size treasures and steal away to a delicious new realm of the sensuous. Kiss away kissable Oil of Love’s spicy warm glow….indulge in the pleasures of a lover’s touch with Sweet Almond Massage Oil…tickle each other’s fancy with a sweet flick of kissable Honey Dust….let lubricating Love Liquid smooth the way for lavish lovemaking…and prolong your passion with the tingling touch of kissable Pleasure Balm. Hold tight to each other, and let everything else fall away.”

Wow! If that doesn’t say it perfectly, then I don’t know what would! Don’t you want to be at the mercy of pleasure? Get this kit; it will help you to do it!

Get the Kit

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i was wondering about the dust part of this great kit

what is it like soft would it irritate make you scratch or does it dissolve as you apply i have had this on my list sio mant times but i always delete it.

this may be a stupid ? but i am very curious ;)

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I love Honey Dust! I never picked up the weekend kit (though I think I will buy one before my next trip out to see my love), but I have a few cannisters of Honey Dust on my night stand. It's fantastic. Fun, sweet, and one incredible sensation - the first time I had it dusted on then licked off I almost went crazy.

I've never noticed any itching - it's soft as baby powder, and probably as fine. You may end up a little sticky afterwards if your partner doesn't get it all, but it's not bad, and I've never had need to complain. Just make sure you don't get the container wet - obviously, if you do so, you'll have a tin of goo instead of dust.

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Thanks Euphoria for answering this one - I must have missed it somehow.

Anyway, yes she is correct, it is very fine and soft (like baby powder) but it doesn't fly into the air in the same way. You use the little feather to apply it and it just feeels tingly and sensual, and then when your lover licks it off, it feels, well, sticky sweet! His tongue kind of attaches to the dust and to the skin at the same time. IT is much nicer than having him just lick your skin.

It does leave a bit of sticky residue - but hey - showers are great too with your lover!

I have a review coming up of just the dust - look there for more information. We didn't play with the dust in this kit as much as we did with the other.


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