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Sex Toys Wearing Out

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I am very new to this type of discussion so bear with me. I have a toy that seems to have then end covering coming off. the rest is still very smooth or seems to still have its covering and looks to still have the outer layer that the factory put on it. but the end looks very dull and pourous. I do not use anything but KY or me cause even after 20 mins of play there is still enough of me to go or for a while. Ie the more I play the wetter I get. So My question is am I wearing out my toy or just getting it broke in good. do I need to stop using it (crying very big tears here ) or is it still safe to use.

thanks for the help

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Well, what kind of toy is it? Is it Jelly, Silicone or plastic? Is it just the color that is wearing off, or is it the actual coating? If you tell us, then we can answer better. In my novice opinion, without knowing what type of toy it is, toys should not wear down only at the tip. Are you only using the tip for clitoral play, or are you inserting the toy?

The type of lubrication you are using (k-y) is compatible with all toy types. How long have you had this toy? Some types of toys only last so long. Let us know, we will help!


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I bought it from Adam and Eve it is the Sean Michales supercock, I have had it for about two years use it very often at least once a week sometimes more. I have never used bleach on it I use antibacterial soap before and after I use it. My hubbie was wondering if I could be acidic or since I hardly ever use any of my other toys this is the companion for the evenings :-) that I could have just worn off the outer covering. Thank you for your help Howard :-)

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It may very well be that your fluids may contain a bit more acid or even salt than this toy can handle.

I've seen that before with jewelry. This one man came back to my counter, saying he wore sterling silver only, and he had bought some Knight's Sterling Silver (it looks almost like shiny coal in color), and his body rejected whatever the coating was, and had literally eaten the finish away (in only a matter of a month!!) and had started down to the silver~on BOTH pieces he bought!!

It may be your water too. Maybe they put too much bleach in the water (for purification), which is slowly taking the finish off. It's really hard to tell without seeing the item.

You may want to go with something that is solid jelly or silicone (remembering that you can't use silicone lube with a silicone toy).

Most toys can stand even being put in the dishwasher, so I'm not really sure why your SM is not holding up. I would suggest that you call Adam & Eve, tell them your problem with the toy. They probably can't do anything for you, since 2 yrs is a long time, and warranties are up by then for sure. But they can see if there's a problem with it, or even a recall, and either take the item off, or keep a close eye on it.

BTW, I am looking at it now, and OMG!! :blink: That thing is HUGE!! ;) It's hard to tell if the tip is spray painted on, I am assuming it is, since it's a 2-tone toy. If it is, then that may just be the spray wearing off, since it's probably not sprayed on too thick, for that realistic look.

I hope that helps.

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