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Out of my highly anticipated TT box I pull an item that is as close to perfection as I have ever seen!! I have always heard great things about glass dildos, and was SO excited to see that now was my chance to experience the feeling of glass!!

This beauty is clear glass stripped with blue on the ridges circling its slender shaft, and I was amazed at how smooth this beauty was. The tip was tilted just a bit for that g-spot caressing, and the bulbous head of it was sort of shaped like a penis head. I took it out of the box, and felt the heaviness of this dildo. I also had to turn it around in the light. It’s like a work of pleasure-art.

So, I wash it up with my warm water and soap, and have some personal time with my new toy. Since I’d use warm water, it retained some of its warmth. I lubed it up just a bit, since I was already wet with anticipation anyway. It slid right in. And, it felt SO good. I held on to the base of it, which was pretty comfortable, and I could feel the ridges caressing my lips and walls. They also felt really good as I rubbed my clit with them. It didn’t take long for the glass to warm up to my body temp. And it didn’t feel hard and unforgiving, like you would think a piece of glass would. I was able to caress my g-spot fairly easily, and came within a matter of minutes. It was glorious!!

I loved the whole look and feel to this toy. I believe it would be great for beginners, since it’s so low maintenance (no worrying about what lube is safe or getting batteries wet). Plus, it’s so aesthetically pleasing, that I believe both women AND men would love using this item. It’s almost like a sports car of dildos in my opinion. And it’s so slender that I believe that it would be good for some anal play as well.

We all know, and probably take for granted the versatility, durability, and functionality of glass. I know I have. Now, to that list, I add pleasurability!!


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I have this glass toy and I LOVE IT!!!! I love to freeze mine - like a pussy-sicle - and let my pussy warm it back up. I also have heated it in hot water - but I think I prefer the cold.

I also found it great for G-spot penetration -but found when I played with it that it was stiff and heavy and that was a GOOD and different sensation. As it doesn't bend at all - you really feel - fuller - for lack of a better word - or at least I did.

I think that anyone who has not tried a glass toy should definitely do so!

Great review!


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