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I cannot believe that I agreed to this.  I must be out of my mind.  I am at the bar in the hotel he specified.  Just as instructed, I am wearing a dress. The bar area is not large but is setup as a small square in the middle of the room.  I can see almost all the faces.  I am sitting near the pickup stations, so there is no one to my immediate right.  I keep my head up and pay attention. I do not know what he looks like.  We have only been communicating in the app and have not exchanges face pictures.  

There are two men paying attention to me.  It could be one of them.  Or he could be more subtle. He could be one of the men who are not watching me. Both men who are observing me are attractive and in the right age range for the age he gave me. One seems bolder than the other and does not pretend to not be looking. He makes no effort to hide his is observation.  He has an air of quiet confidence and intensity about him.  My heart speeds up as I realize this could be him.  The man I have been messaging with for months.  The one I have connected with.  I agreed to this unconventional meeting.  We would be strangers at the bar, and he would send me instructions from there.  I really must be out of my mind to have agreed to this.  I do not even know his real name.  I only know him by his profile name, El Mando.

The bartender greets me and takes my drink order.  When I look up again, the bold man is looking at his phone.  As I look around, several of the men are looking at their phones.  A few men are speaking to each other.  There are also two women laughing and toasting to something.  Now I am not sure if the bold one was him after all.  I continue to watch the other patrons at the bar, all engrossed in their phones or each other.

As my drink arrives, I look at my phone. I have a notification on the app. It is him!  
    El Mando: Thank you for coming.  

He only knows me by my profile name, Serina.  I respond.
    Serina: I said I would.

His response is immediate.
    El Mando: Yes, you did.  Are you ready for your first task?

I take a deep breath and reply.
    Serina: I’m ready.

I quickly look around to see if I can tell who may be typing.  At least four of the men appear to writing messages.
    El Mando: Are you wearing panties?

I feel myself blush and take a sip of my drink.
    Serina: Yes.

I study the others at the bar.  The bold one is watching me again with a small smirk on his face.  I suddenly become very interested in my drink.
    El Mando: Go to the restroom and remove them.  
Keep them in your hand and return to your seat.

I know I am fully blushing now.  I moisten my lips.  I take a coaster and cover my drink.  I motion to the bartender and tell him I’ll be right back.  I don’t look at the other patrons as I head to the restroom.  Once inside, I go into a stall and slowly slide down my panties.  My hands are trembling from the excitement of what I am doing.  I am removing my panties because a man I have never met in person is telling me to.  I liked doing tasks for him online.  I found it thrilling and arousing when I knew I pleased him.  He drew me to him for some reason.  His confidence, patience, command, and calm manner.  He was intelligent and respectful.  But he definitely has a sensual and dirty side as well.

I exit the stall and stop when I see my face in the mirror.  My eyes are bright, and my cheeks flushed.  How can this simple task have such a physical effect on me?  I ball my panties in one of my palms and head back to my seat.  I carefully sit on the stool, now cautious not to flash anyone as I scoot back. I put my fisted hand on the bar.  With the other I remove the coaster from the top of my glass and take a long sip.  I look at my phone.  After about thirty seconds I see a message.
El Mando: Good girl.  Open your palm and count to ten.  Then you can put your panties in your purse.

I take a deep breath and look around the bar.  The bold man is watching me again.  It must be him.  No one else seems to be paying attention.  I slowly open my palm and count.  When I reach ten, I put the panties into my purse as discreetly as possible.  I look up and the bold man is looking back at his phone.  I take another sip of my drink.
    El Mando: Tell me how that made you feel.

Serina: Taking them off made me excited.  Opening my palm with them in my hand made me a bit nervous, but also excited.  But only one person seemed to be paying any attention to me.  Is that you?

I look around and no one is watching me. I watch my phone, but I do not receive a response right away.  A new man and woman take seats that were vacated recently by the two women who had been laughing.  Then I notice a response.
El Mando: You will find out soon enough.  How does it feel to be sitting at this bar in a dress with no panties on?  Such easy access if I were to sit beside you and slide my hand up your skirt.

I think about that and swallow.  What if that bold man from across the bar was to sit beside me and place his hand on my leg?  He would be able to easily touch me.  I feel myself grow damp at the thought.
    Serina: It feels naughty.  

    El Mando: Open your legs at least the width of your hand.  

I feel my breathing become slightly shallow as I comply.  I take another sip of my drink.  I look around the bar and I notice at least three men watching me closely now.  One looks away when he sees me notice him.  The second one gives me a slight smile and then takes a drink.  The third is the bold man, he does not look away.  He continues to watch me intently.  I look down at my phone, but there are no messages yet.  I wonder if he is waiting for me to acknowledge that I have completed the task. I take another sip and then notice a message.
    El Mando: Pull your skirt up so that your knees are exposed.

This is not a scandalous demand, but I feel myself flush as if it is.  I hesitantly follow his instructions.  This time I do not look up.
El Mando: Take a sip of your drink.  When done, take your index finger and wipe the edges of your mouth.  Run that finger from your lips to the top of your cleavage.  Leave your finger there and make a small circle with that finger.  Close your eyes and enjoy the feeling.  Then, keeping your finger at the top of your cleavage, open your eyes and look around to see who is watching you.  Notice how you draw the attention of the men what that simple movement.  Then message me with how it made you feel.

My heart races and my hand trembles as I reach for my glass.  The bartender comes over and asks if I would like another.  I tell him yes.  As he turns away, I pick up my glass and take a drink.  I set the drink down.  I take my finger and wipe each corner of my lips.  Then I lightly rub my lower lip.  I run my finger down my chin, my neck, and then my chest until I reach the top of my cleavage.  I make a small circle with my finger at the top of my breasts.  I close my eyes and focus on the light touch.  Then I open my eyes.  The bartender is back with my new drink.  His eyes are heated as he watches my finger.  I feel myself blush and he smiles.  Then he turns away.  I look around and four other men are also watching me as is a woman.  I drop my finger and grab my phone.
    Serina: I feel a bit lightheaded.  I certainly got the bartender’s attention!  Ha!

I wait a full minute, but there is no response.  I drink down the last of my first drink.  Someone takes the empty seat beside me.  It is the bold man who had been seated across from me.

He says, “Do you think it is the drink that made you lightheaded?”

I was right!  It is him!  I look at him and take in his features and his clothes.  He is attractive and yet, not quite the mystery man that I had envisioned.  I am not disappointed, just adjusting the picture I had in my head with reality.

I respond, “I don’t think it’s the alcohol.”

“What do you think it is, Serina?”

It is odd to hear that name said aloud since I am just used to seeing it in messages or on my profile.

I smile, “It’s so weird hearing you call me that.”

He switches to his stern tone, “That’s not an answer.”

“Sorry.  I think I felt lightheaded because I was touching myself and it drew attention.”
He places his hand on my knee. I stiffen slightly.

He whispers, “Relax, I’m not going to embarrass you. Open your legs more for me.” 

I immediately feel myself comply.  Well, that answers that question.  I respond to him in person just as I do online. He moves his hand higher on my thigh, moving under the fabric of my dress.  His pauses and just moves his pinky finger in a small motion on my inner leg. I feel the flush of arousal rise in me.  I reach for my drink to have something to do with my hands.

His voice is husky as he asks, “Are you wet?”

I swallow and feel myself blush again. I part my lips and I feel his hand move slightly higher. I let out a little gasp.

He commands, “Answer me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I see him smile, “Good girl. Your skin is very soft. I bet your pussy is even softer.  Are you thinking about me touching your pussy?”

I feel like I am about to start panting, my head is spinning with arousal.  I respond, “Yes, Sir.”

“Would you like me to tease your clit with my fingers?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He lets out a little hum of pleasure, “I’d like that too.  Would you like me to slide a finger in your sweet little pussy?”

I feel myself grow even wetter, “Yes, Sir.”

“And what about my tongue?  Can you imagine what it will feel like when I run my tongue on your throbbing clit?  When I fuck you with my tongue? “

I let out a little whimper and he squeezes my thigh, “Yes, Sir.  Please.”

He lets out a low growl, “Fuck, you are so responsive.  Such a good girl. Tell me, do you still feel our connection?”

I look at him and answer honestly, “Yes, I feel it.”

The arousal in his eyes is intense.  I want this man.

He whispers, “Careful, you keep looking at me like that and we may not make it to the room before I claim you.”

I gasp at his words.  He calls the bartender over and tells him to charge my drinks to his room.  The bartender looks at me and raises an eyebrow.  I give him a little shrug.  He gives a slight nod. I take a long sip from my drink.

El Mando leans closer and says, “Looks like the bartender is disappointed.  He wants you.”

I look at him, “No, he’s probably just making sure you’re not bothering me.”

“He does want you.  And I am getting you hot and bothered.” His hand moves even higher, and the edge of his pinky is touching my mound.”

My breath catches in my throat.

He murmurs, “There’s that hot pussy. Finish your drink.  We’re going to the room now. I want my mouth on you.”

I take another sip.  There is still have the drink left, but I am not going to down it and risk getting tipsy.  

I say, “I’m done.”

He rubs his pinky against me and then slowly removes his hand.  He stands up and helps me off the stool. I thank the bartender and we leave the bar.  Inside the elevator, he stands between me and the other passenger.  He wraps an arm possessively around my waist.  I try to calm my nerves as we continue up to our floor.  When we exit, he guides me down the hall.  At the door, he turns me to face him.

His eyes study me, “You do remember what we talked about, right?”

I nod.

He says, “Good girl.  You can stop this at anytime if you are uncomfortable.  I will not be upset or disappointed if you need to stop.  I do need you to use your words and communicate with me clearly.  Do you understand?”

I smile and say, “Yes, Sir.”

He leans forward and kisses my forehead, “Good girl.”

He unlocks the door and gestures me inside.  It is a standard hotel room, but it has a couch on one side of the room near the window.  On the nightstand next to the king-sized bed is a bottle of lube and a few toys.  I moisten my lips as I look at them.  He hands me a bottle of water.  I open it and take a swallow. Then I set it down next to the couch.

He empties his pocks and puts the contents in a drawer of the dresser.  I set my purse on the table next to my water.  He unbuttons the cuffs of his shirt and rolls up his sleeves.  My eyes are drawn to his arms.  They are strong without being excessively muscled.  I like the look of power in his hands.  He walks to me and runs his finger along my jaw.  He lifts my chin and kisses me.  It is a soft and gentle kiss to begin with.  But it quickly deepens and his tongue teases mine.  He lets out a soft growl in his throat.  I feel myself grow wet in response.  I raise my hands and hold on to his shoulders.  I like the smooth material of his shirt and how it contrasts with the strength and firmness beneath the fabric.

One of his hands slides into my hair and I feel him fist my hair.  He tugs and pulls my head back.  Then he deepens the kiss even more.  

He lifts his head and tightens his hold on my hair, “I’m going to taste you next.  You do not cum without my permission.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He continues, “If you feel like you are getting close, you immediately tell me.”

I swallow, “Yes, Sir.”

He kisses me again, harder this time.  Leaving no doubt that he is claiming my mouth.

He pulls away and says, “Turn around.”

I comply and he lowers the back zipper on my dress.  In reflex, I hold up the front of the dress with my hands.

He says, “Drop your hands.  You will not hide from me.”

I slowly lower my hands.  The dress slides to the floor.  He unhooks my bra, then reaches around and pulls it down my arms.  He moves my hair to the side and runs his lips down my neck and shoulder.  He gives me gentle nips with his teeth as he moves.  He kisses down my back and then he turns me and pushes so that I am bent over the bed.  He continues kissing my back.  When he reaches the cheeks of my ass he kisses and bites gently.  I let out a moan.

He stands up and says, “Fucking beautiful.”

He rubs his hand over the globes of my ass squeezing firmly.  He runs a finger along my slit and makes a humming sound of pleasure.

“You are very wet, baby girl.”

He pushes the tip of his finger slightly inside of my pussy.  I let out a whimper.  He pulls it out and moves forward and finds my clit.  He circles it.  I let out another whimper.  He tells me to stand up.  I do and then he turns me around.  His eyes take in my breasts.  Reaching out he feels the weight of them in his hands.  Pinching at my nipples, he meets my eyes as he increases the pressure.

I let out a whimper moan.  He smiles and pinches them even harder.  Then he moves a hand lower and strokes my wet slit.  He circles my clit.  I try to press against his hand, but he pulls away.

“Oh sweet, baby girl.  You are so responsive.  I’m very pleased.”

I find myself blushing at his words.  He tells me to sit on the bed and lean back on my elbows and place my feet flat on the bed.  I comply.  He spreads my legs and gets down to where is mouth is level with my core.  I feel him spread my lips and then I feel his warm breath on me.  He flicks out his tongue and strokes my clit.  I cry out in surprise.  He licks it again.  Then he quickly sucks it into his mouth.  He sucks firmly, it is just shy of being painful.  My body immediately responds with a rush of moisture.  He hums and the vibration is electrifying.  I feel myself arch without thinking.  One of his fingers slides inside me slowly.  I am whimpering and moaning in response.

He sucks even harder, and I cry out.  He flicks his tongue against my clit inside his mouth.  He now has worked two fingers inside me and is making a curling motion.  He finds the right spot.

I say, “Oh fuck!”

He pops off my clit and says, “Remember, you will tell me when you are close.”

I struggle to form a logical sentence, “Yes…uh…Sir.”

He licks at my clit in long upwards strokes.  He presses hard against the underside of my clit.  It feels incredible.  The sensation of his fingers and his tongue are too much.  I feel my orgasm approach.

I manage, “I…uh…I’m…oh fuck…I’m close.”

He presses a little harder with his fingers but stops the pressure of his tongue.

He says, “Look at me now.”

I make eye contact as he continues to stroke the perfect spot inside me.  Feeling mindless, I am panting and moaning.

He commands, “Hold it, don’t cum yet.  Hold it.”

I focus on his words.  I am not sure I can stop the orgasm.

“Please, I can’t…”

He presses even harder inside me, “You can, for me.  Just hold it.”

I maintain eye contact, but I feel the orgasm approach.

I beg, “I can’t, please.  It’s so close. Please, oh please.”

He smiles, “Okay, baby girl.  I do like you begging.  You can cum.  Keep eye contact as much as you can.  Know that your orgasm is mine!”

With that he presses even harder against that spot inside me.  He rubs my clit with the thumb of his other hand.  

I cry out, “Oh fuck! Oh…fuck…I’m…cumming!  Yes!”  My orgasm hits hard, my muscles clench and pulse, I see spots dance in front of my eyes.  He does not stop his movements.  I slowly recover.  I try to squirm away from his hands, my clit is too sensitive.  He holds me still by pressing his weight against me.

I gasp, “Please, it is too sensitive.”

He narrows his eyes, “You will take what I give you.  Relax and just take it.”

I feel my body clench at his words.  He eases off my clit, but his fingers inside me keep rubbing the same spot.  It feels sensitive and swollen, but it still feels good.  A pressure is building inside of me.  I am moaning and whimpering nonsense.  

He says, “That’s it, baby girl.  Take it.  You will cum again for me.  Let it happen.”

The pressure continues to grow.  I cannot seem to stop myself from squirming and trying to fight the intensity, He holds me tighter and continues the stroking of his fingers inside me.

I am gasping and panting, “Please…oh fuck…please, I can’t.”

He says, “Stop fighting it, let it happen.  It is going to be intense.  Now cum!”

My orgasm hits me incredibly hard.  I feel my muscles clench and pulse.  I feel a flood of moisture soak his fingers.

Words feel beyond my ability to form.  I just whimper and say a gargle of nonsense.  Spent, I fall back on the bed.

He removes his fingers.  Then I feel his tongue lapping at my pussy juices.

“Oh, baby girl, you are so fucking wet.  I am proud of you.”

After a few more licks, he stands up and removes his shirt.  I watch as he removes his belt and tosses it on the bed.  He watches me as he removes the rest of his clothes.  He grabs my legs and pulls me to the edge of the bed.  He looks down and puts the tip of his hard cock at my entrance.  His eyes return to mine as he thrusts inside me in one hard stroke.

I cry out at the discomfort of my body trying to accommodate his thick length.  Holding himself deep inside me, he gives me a little smirk.  Then he thrusts in and out in hard strokes.  I make the odd whimper moans that he elicits from me.

He says, “Fuck you are tight!”

He fucks me harder.  My breasts bounce with each hard thrust.  I am starting to adjust to his size, but I still feel a bit of discomfort each time he goes deep.  He pauses and raises my legs up to his shoulders.  This puts him even deeper, and I cry out.

I manage, “You’re so deep.”

He pushes fully in and holds himself there.  He does a slight grinding motion.

He says, “Fuck, you’re tight.  You need to get use to taking me balls deep inside you.  Right now, in your pussy.  Soon, in that pretty little mouth.  Eventually, in that tight little ass.”

My jaw drops open as I imagine his thick cock buried in my ass.  It is going to take some time to work up to that.  He starts thrusting again and I forget anything except how incredible it feels to have him inside of me.  He leans forward and I feel the stretch of my legs that are still on his shoulders.  Maybe I should have warmed up my muscles.  He continues to pound into me, the sound of flesh slapping flesh filling the room along with our grunts and moans.  I feel him grown even harder.  He slows down and then pulls out.  He lets my legs lower.

He says, “Roll over and get on all fours.”

I slowly roll over and follow his directions.  He runs his cock along my slit and then lines it up with my pussy.  The thrusts inside me.  I cry out as the new sensation this position is providing. He grabs my hips and start fucking me in firm hard strokes.  It feels so good to have him at this angle.  He leans over me, reaches around and grabs my breasts.  He squeezes them as he fucks me from behind.  He then moves his fingertips to my nipples and pinches.  I let out a whimper.  This causes him to pinch me even harder.
“You like it when I pinch your nipples hard, don’t you?”, he asks.

I struggle to answer as he pounds into me from behind in deep thrusts, “Yes…uh…fuck…yes, Sir.”

He pinches firmly and fucks me hard.  I am whimpering and moaning.  I feel him growing harder again.  He releases my throbbing nipples.  He moves back and holds himself deep.  He stops his thrusting.  He slaps each ass cheek a couple times. I feel my inner muscles respond by clenching.  

He says, “Fuck!”

He quickly pulls out of me.  He continues to spank my ass three more times on each cheek.  He tells me to get on my knees.  I manage to get off the bed on trembling legs.  I kneel before him.

He commands, “Suck!” 

I take his cock into my mouth.  He smells and tastes like me.  I lick and suck at his cock.  He holds my head and fucks my mouth.  I gag as he thrusts deep.  He pulls back.

He says, “Relax your throat, breath through your nose.”

I follow his directions and he starts fucking my mouth again.  I focus on relaxing my throat.  He goes deep again, and I gag.  He pulls back but keeps inside my mouth.  He fucks my mouth slowly.  He gradually goes deeper.  This time I am able to take him without gagging.

He moans, “That’s my good girl.  Fuck, your mouth is amazing.  I’m going to cum and you are going to swallow every drop.  Yes!  Fuck!  Here I cum, baby! Take it all!”

I feel him pulse in my mouth and I quickly swallow three times until he is done.  I lick at his cock as he removes himself from my mouth. He rubs the tip of his cock against my lips.  I stare up at him as he does this.

He commands, “While my cock recovers, I want you to bend over the bed again.  Open your legs wide for me.  Grab your ass cheeks and spread them.”

I start to reply, he stops me.

“No questions, do it now.”

I get up quickly and follow his instructions.  I see him grab the lube and a metal anal plug.  Then he moves behind me.  He tells me to breath.  He presses the plug against my ass hole.  He works the lubed toy into my ass slowly.  I feel some pressure and a bit of discomfort when it is at the widest point.  But he continues to push and then it is seated fully.  It feels good inside me.  He gives it a little tap.

“That’s my good girl.  I know you are used to toys, but not used to have something the size of my cock.  We will work up to it.  But you will keep this in while we drink some water and I recover from that pretty mouth of yours.  You do not take it out without my permission.  You do not let it slide out.  Do you understand?”

I say, “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.”

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Wow. I can’t wait for part two. It was very good. I could feel my heart racing like I was there!!☀️

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39 minutes ago, Katie Did It said:

Whew! This is a super sexy story! Love your writing so much. Thank you for sharing on here. 

Thank you! 😊

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32 minutes ago, Lonely and divorced said:

Wow. I can’t wait for part two. It was very good. I could feel my heart racing like I was there!!☀️

Thanks! 😊

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17 hours ago, eye4eye69 said:

Wow lots of fun thanks for sharing!



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12 minutes ago, Mountain Man said:

Damn... I am frickin lightheaded.  Sass.. whew...

Thank you! 😊


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9 hours ago, Katie Did It said:

So will there be a part 2? I really hope so! 


Yes, I started working on it last night.

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3 hours ago, Lady said:

Oh sassnclass again with the “Yes Sir”.   Being submissive I could put myself in every scene in this story.  I absolutely loved it.  Can’t wait for part 2.  

Glad you can relate. 😊

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Wow! Another erotic read from my number one author.  I am pleased.  Good Girl!  

How can anyone not be pleased with your amazing writing.   Now on to part 2 where I know I won't be disappointed. 😊


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16 hours ago, Pleasure4U said:

Wow! Another erotic read from my number one author.  I am pleased.  Good Girl!  

How can anyone not be pleased with your amazing writing.   Now on to part 2 where I know I won't be disappointed. 😊


Thanks for your continued support. 


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