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Note: Written as erotica/fiction.  It is not based on a real conversation. Any similarities to real messaging are purely coincidental.  


We have been messaging for a few days, mostly superficial and a little flirty.  He seems intelligent, respectful, playful, and confident.  Exactly the type that draws me in.  His kinks appear to align with mine.  He is not looking for anything too intense, just some naughty chat and interesting conversation.  I consider myself a pleaser and “good girl” sub and normally wait for the male to lead.  But tonight, I am feeling a little feisty.  This mood is making me flirtier than I would normally be.

I notice he is online.

    Me: Hey, I have been thinking about you.

    Him: Have you?

    Me: Yes.

    Him: Care to share these thoughts?

    Me: I would, but I must caution you that they are dirty.

    Him: My favorite kind.  Tell me.

I get a little thrill at what I imagine is the direct tone in his voice.  I get a burst of nerves but push through it.

    Me: As I am all alone in the house, I was imagining you here with me.

There is a pause as if he is waiting.  Then I see those damn anticipation bubbles.  Those dots that tell me he is writing.  They start and then stop.  They start and stop again.  Then his message appears.

    Him: Go on.  I am there with you…

Me: In my thoughts you tell me that you are at my home to give me the spanking I have been craving.

I watch those anticipation bubbles appear after a few seconds.  We have never chatted along these lines before.  I am not sure how he will respond.

    Him: Is your ass bare for me?

I feel the flush of arousal as I realize he has changed this to real time dirty chat.  I smile, relieved that he wants to play.

    Me: Not yet.  Should it be?

    Him: Unless you want your clothes ripped off you, yes.

My pulse speeds up at the thought.

    Me: I like these clothes. I will take them off.

    Him: Be quick.

    Me: Yes, Sir.  

   Me: They are off.  Except my panties, I am feeling a little shy.

There is another pause.  I watch the screen closely.  Now I long to see those wicked little anticipation bubbles.  Finally, they appear.

    Him: Bend over the arm of the couch. Now.

    Me: Yes, Sir.

Him: I am pulling your panties down to mid-thigh.  They can stay there for now. Put your hands out in front of you.  Keep them there.  If they move, you will get my belt instead of my hand.  Do you understand?  

 I realize that I just gasped aloud.

Me: Yes, Sir.

Him: I run my hand over your ass cheeks.  Mmm, such a sweet ass.  Let’s get it red.  I strike your right ass cheek with my palm.  Now your left cheek.  I repeat this, over and over as I watch your ass turn pink.  I increase the intensity of the strikes.  I smile as you let out little whimpers.  I watch as your ass turns red.  I pause and rub your heated skin.  Are you wet for me yet?

I realize I really am.

Me: Yes, Sir.
Him: Hmmm, I should check to be sure.  I push your thighs further apart and run a finger in between your pussy lips.  Yes, you are very slick.  I push a finger inside of you to gather more wetness.  I remove my finger and bring it to my mouth.  Mmm, you do taste good.  Do you want a taste?

I am not sure how to respond.  

    Him: I asked you a question.  I deliver four more strikes to your ass.  Answer me.

    Me: Yes, Sir.  I would like to taste my wetness.

Him: I thrust my finger inside you again and then remove it and move to the side of the couch.  I place my finger at your lips. Open.

Me: I watch you as I open my lips and take your finger into my mouth.  I suck and lick at your finger, tasting myself.

Him: Mmm, good girl.  Suck my finger like you wish it was my cock.

Me: I keep sucking and licking your finger.  I take your finger as deep as I can.

Him: I remove my finger, then move back behind you.  I grab the side of your panties and tear them.  Then I rip the crotch of the panties, so the fabric is just a rag in my hand.

Me: Oh!

Him: I did warn you.  Bring your arms behind your back.  

Me: Yes, Sir.  

Him: I use what is left of your panties to bind your wrists.  Now you are completely naked, bent over and your hands or tied behind your back.  Some of the color has left your ass.  Looks like we need to bring it back.  I strike your ass ten more times.  You cry out.  I remove my hard cock from my pants and run it along your slit from your clit to your ass, then back again.  I line my shaft up with your pussy and push the tip in. Time to take my payment for coming over and giving you the spanking you needed.

Oh!  I realize my hand is down my panties and rubbing my clit as I read his words.  I remove my hand and type.

    Me: Oh!

There is a pause.  I start to get nervous.  Then I see those bubbles.

    Him: Just “oh”, is that all?  Do you want this cock inside your dripping pussy?

    Me: Yes, Sir!

    Him: Not good enough, beg for it!

    Me: Please, Sir!  Please, may I have your cock inside me!

Him: Tell me where you fucking want it.  You have a few holes, which hole do you want this cock in? 

Me: Please, may I have your cock in my pussy?  Please, Sir.  Please fill my pussy with your hard cock!

Him:  That’s better.  Next time I rub my cock against any of your holes, you are to beg to be filled.  Do you understand?

Me: Yes, Sir.  I understand.  

Him: I push my cock in of couple inches.  Your pussy is fucking tight.  I pull almost all the way out.  Then I grab your sides and thrust in balls deep!

Me: I cry out.  Oh fuck!

Him: I start thrusting in and out hard.  I pound that pussy.  I like hearing you whimper as I impale you.  Your tight, hot pussy swallowing my cock!  Fuck, yes!

Me: Oh fuck!  I am just whimpering and grunting as you fuck me hard.

Him: Yes!  That’s right.

I rub my clit hard as I think of him inside me.

Me: Sir, I am close to cumming.

Him: Don’t you dare cum.  You will wait for me to tell you if you can cum.  If I decide to let you cum.  Do you understand?

Even though I know that he can’t see me, I remove my hand from my panties and squeeze my thighs together.

Me: Yes, Sir.  Please, please may I cum?

Him: No!  I fuck you harder.  Listen to the sound of my flesh slapping against your flesh.  Listen to how wet your pussy is.  Fuck!  I pull out of your pussy.  I pull you up off the couch.  Get on your knees and take me into your mouth.

Me: Yes, Sir.

Him: That’s it!  Take my cock in your mouth, all of it.  I hold your head as I fuck that pretty mouth of yours.  Relax that throat, take me deep!  Fuck yes!  

Me: I flatten my tough so that it slides against your cock as you fuck my mouth.

Him: Fuck yes!  I’m going to cum and you will take every drop I give you!  Fuck yes!  Take it!  

Him: Cumming!

Me: I swallow a few times as your cum spurts in my mouth.

There is a pause.  I watched the screen.

Him: Fuck, that felt good.  Lick me clean, get it all.

Me: I lick your cock, paying close attention to the tip to make sure every drop went down my throat.

Him: Mmm, good girl.

I am not sure what to say next.  I wonder if he really came or not, but I am not ready to ask.  I am not sure if we are still playing or not.  I finally see anticipation bubbles.

    Him: That was so good.  Maybe I will let you cum next time.

    Me: I will probably cum as soon as you leave.

    Him: LOL Okay.  Be sure to tell me about it tomorrow.  

    Me: Thanks for chatting, for playing.

    Him: Thanks for thinking of me. 

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Love dirty chats. Thanks Sass.☀️

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1 hour ago, Katie Did It said:

Gotta love a good, dirty chat! Thank you for the story. 

They can be a lot of fun!

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Thanks for sharing.  I love dirty chats with my erotic lady.  It’s so much fun getting her all worked up because it gets me worked up at the same time. 🌹

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