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Real Skin All American Whoppers 8” Super Flexible Vibe


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Arriving from TooTimid comes my newest Nasstoy toy, and it’s a Real Skin vibrating dildo. This toy is very realistic looking, with the skin tones of a white, well-hung male. It even has the raised veins, and pinkish head. It has a suction cup at the base as well. Having read some previous reviews, I am skeptical of the suction cup, especially seeing that this one wasn’t that deep. But trying is believing!

The remote on this toy has 2 plug-ins, and 3 powerful speeds to it. It only has one switch to control both plug-ins. It takes 3 AA batteries (not incl.) that go into the remote.

I take it out, and try to wash off the “new toy smell”, only a bit successfully. But, in doing so, I was able to get a feel for it, and it felt almost like the real thing!

Getting an idea, I get one of my clit stimulators from a Nasstoy Kit that I had, and plug it in to the empty plug, and the Whopper into the other plug.

I use my TooTimid lube and lube up this super-dick, and set off to playing with the speeds. When they say POWERFUL speeds, they mean business!! This remote is noticeably stronger than the other remote I have by the same company!

To get myself started, I teased my clit with the clit stimulator, and had an orgasm in seconds, taking me off guard! After catching my breath, I slowly tease my clit and lips with the Whopper, and it felt sooo good! I could feel the vibes going. I slowly insert the vibrating dick on it’s lowest setting, and I was glad for the lube. When they say "whopper", they mean it! When I got it in, I felt VERY full! Slowly thrusting my Whopper in and out, I raised the vibes, and also started playing with my clit. And it warmed up to body temp, which added more realism. When the orgasm came, my PC muscles clenched around my Whopper with such intensity that the vibrator visibly bobbed with the pressure!

I caught my breath, and had to try the side of the tub, to see if the suction cup would stay put. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it! A bit more lube for comfort, and I straddled that bad boy, and it held like a trooper! And even though it’s a bit bendy, it was still hard enough to do it’s job right!

This toy isn’t overly quiet, and is a bit on the big side, so it’s not really meant for beginners, in my opinion. But this toy will leave you feeling full and satisfied!

I will say that I love All Americans!!

Go All American

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Great review Tyger!

So I am assuming that the picture does not show the controller. If this toy has a suction cup - you did say it had a suction cup, yes? Then where does the wire come out?

This is a large toy - I see that you enjoyed it. I too enjoy the larger toys. You say this toy is a bit bendy - does that mean it bends like a real man - or more like a flimsy toy?

Thanks for the info!


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OK, the wire comes out near the the bottom by the suction cup, so it's not in the way. I was amazed that the suction cup worked as well as it did, and then came off easily by me just getting a nail under it to release the suction.

It's bendy like a real man (for the most part), :P and no, the controller isn't shown, but it's typical of Nasstoys remotes, with a more powerful punch to it. :blink:;):P

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