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Sex And Arabian Countries...

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ok, so i was reading Anne Rice's Beauty's Release and i stumbled across a section where they talk about arabian women and their vaginas.... well i got a little intrigued and decided to do some research... this is what i found on MASTURBATION....

The "proven" medical effects of masturbation - which, of course, include damage to the eyesight - were once listed by Abd al-Aziz bin Baz, the late Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, and his list is reproduced on numerous Islamic websites. According to bin Baz, masturbation causes disruption of the digestive system, inflammation of the testicles, damage to the spine ("the place from which sperm originates"), and "trembling and instability in some parts of the body like the feet". In addition, there is a weakening of the "cerebral glands" leading to decreased intellect and even "mental disorders and insanity". Furthermore, "due to constant ejaculation, the sperm no more remains thick and dense as it normally occurs in males". This results in sperm which is not "mighty enough" to make a woman pregnant or produces children who are "more prone to disease and illness".

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???? furthermore... is it true???

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Yes, I have read Ann Rice's Trilogy as well, and while it is Fiction of course there are many factual instances and examples as well. Of course, what Arabian people believe as far as sex is their own personal belief and mores. As we know, from the female mutilation that is done in many countries, some cultures are VERY misinformed.

Of course this is not true - none of it. Your excerpt is written by Brian Whitaker, as part of a much longer discussion on Arabian views on sex, oral sex, masturbation and virginity. He is NOT a doctor, but a journalist. His use of "quotes" denotes that these facts are not facts per se, but more opinions.

Arabian men believe that a woman should be a virgin when she marries, and will even go to such extremes as to have her examined before the ceremony. If she is found to be impure - then she can be stoned or sentenced to prison. This is the type of world these people live in. Furthermore, if you want to scare men off from "tainting" your women, what would you tell them to keep them away? Of course, all the things quoted in this short article.

So of course, it is NOT true...but I think it is good to know what other people think and believe - it widens our awareness of the beliefs of other countries as well as makes us remember to be LUCKY to live in the USA!!!


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ofcourse i know it is not true, but when i stumbled upon this article i was in such aw for the women of that culture. i cannot believe that some men are so pigheaded and egotistical that they mutilate their own women. its hard to believe that these women go on with their lived not knowing what real pleasure is because of their husbands..... this goes to show how lucky we are to be able to believe in what we want and be able to be sexually open with anything and everything.... all i can say is... WOW!

thanks for the posts guys!!!

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