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First time anal


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I've always wanted to be "taken" anally (never have done it) and my wife knows this.  The thought of being submissive with the role reversal turns me on.

We tried pegging once but were not successful. She claimed it was difficult and the strapless strap on hurted her. So I just quit asking for it as I didn't want her to be uncomfortable.

Now just last week,  she said she wanted to try again and I'm all for it. 

The problem now is,  I've done some reading and now I'm fearful of a prolapse!

Does anal sex cause this? Would I be at risk? The dildo (my part) is kind of big at about 8- 9" and pretty thick.

I need advice from the anal experts before she "takes me".

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Start small and grease up the old bung hole. Don't rush and you won't rip yourself a new asshole. You don't want a petulant loose sphincter which whistles while you walk.  Remember that just like the elastic in your socks and underwear that once you stretch it out it does not go back. You don't want to be able to hide your car keys up there.

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