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Oh the horror!!!!


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Ok so we are currently living at his parents because his mom isn't doing so well and it just helps everyone all the way around. I'm a stay at home mom for the time being so I'm usually here with his parents all day besides when they go to lunch or w.e. His mom has dementia and one of the things that goes with it is sleep so when they come back from lunch she usually crashes on the couch for a while so the house is dead silent besides the baby learning her voice and screaming lmao granted we're upstairs and they're downstairs but she's loud sometimes lol anyhow I decide I'm going to transfer my toys into a lockbox and I mean come on ain't nobody doing that and not digging in at some point lol so after about 5 or 6 toys I'm feeling great!! So I take said toys to the bathroom to clean them up to put away and the glam squad set has those sleeves and they're a pain in the ass to take off so I finally get the sleeve off and in the process I hit the button long enough to turn the bullet on and all at the same time I dropped the shit in the sink and it WENT DOWN THE DRAIN!!!!!!! Now when I tell you I've never been so strong in my entire life it's sooooo loud I wana die the house is dead silent like it'd put a library to frickin shame!! My bullet is in the pipes going weeeeeeeeee louder than an atomic bomb!! I ripped the catch ( U part of the sink pipe) off from under the sink so fast!! TO NO AVAIL!! This mfer goes weeeeee all the way to the damn sewer!! I'm so shitty!! Lol such a crap situation!! Parents never said anything I can't look them in the eye anymore tho

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