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Waiting for a friend.

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My wife was away on a business trip for the last week. On Monday she let me know that she would be home on Wednesday and told me me to meet her at her favorite bar to celebrate. I was informed that I was to surprise her and not to let her down or I would be sorry. I spent the next two days primping. I made sure that every hair was removed so that my skin was as smooth as silk.I used her favorite body lotion. True red coffin nails, eye lashes, hoop earrings, crimson red lipstick, smoky eye shadow and a short bob brunette wig. I sprayed my best perfume. As I looked in the mirror I felt my pulse quicken as I transformed into my lovers girlfriend.

I put on the red  bra and thong. A black garter belt and thigh high stockings covered my smooth legs. I pulled up a thigh length gray fluted skirt. Next was a v-necked soft pink cashmere sweater. A pearl necklace and gold bracelets rounded out the look. I sent a picture to my wife and she responded beautiful. As I slipped on the pink high heels I was anticipating a great night out.

As I waited for an Uber I grabbed my hand bag and sat on the porch. As my ride pulled up I saw that the driver was a mid aged women. I slid into the back seat and as we caught eyes I saw a smile on her face. We talked on the ride as she spent more time looking in the mirror than at the road. We stopped in front on the bar and as I exited she handed me her card to call if I needed a ride home.

I entered to see that there were only four women in the bar at a table on the side. They were deep in conversation and didn't even look over as I went straight to the bar. The women bartender came right over and I ordered a cosmo. She asked if I was waiting for anyone and I told her my wife was on her way,  As I sipped my drink I looked in the mirror to watch the women at the table laughing and talking. As I started my second cosmo the door opened and in walked one of the finest ladies I had seen in awhile. The other ladies went silent and starred while I followed her strut to the other end of the bar. She ordered an old fashion and in three sips it was gone. She had another one on the bar without saying a word. As I sipped my cosmo she walked towards me and asked if she could sit next to me as she hated drinking alone. Of course she could I said and before I finished she pulled in her chair. She told me her name was Lisa and that she had a tough day in the office and needed the company. Just then my wife called and said she would be here in an hour. Lisa was ordering another round and my wife asked who my new friend was as I told her to hurry as I needed her in the worst way.

Lisa and I talked and laughed about work, people, hobbies, cooking, makeup, clothes and even sex. I never felt more relaxed and comfortable with someone other than my wife than I was with Lisa. As my wife finally arrived she joked that this was the way that I spent my time alone and she was glad I made a new friend. We kissed deeply and Lisa told us to get a room. After a few more drinks and laughs it was time to move on but not before Lisa wrote her number on a napkin. She leaned in and kissed me for what felt like an eternity and said thanks for an enjoyable time. She told my wife thanks for lending her Susan and hoped to get together again. The two of them kissed goodnight. We walked out and both smiled to each other as we knew this was the start of something good.

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Good for you both ,I hope it works out in the way you both want.

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