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A new me! (I hope this helps other men)

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This might be long...

Over the course of the last year or so,  it was getting more and more difficult to get and maintain an erection so being 57, I figured "Here we go.  The next step in aging 😮‍💨". 

I contacted my doctor and she prescribed 50mg of Sildenafil. And while it helped things,  I really didn't reach my "maximum" size when hard except for a few seconds just before cumming. And if I stopped fucking my wife in order to go down on her,  my erection  would go away and never come back. 

So I figured I needed a higher dose and contacted my doctor again.  She upped the prescription to 100mg and referred me to a Urologist. He did all his testing and then offered me the option of being prescribed 5mg of Tadalafil to be taken daily or 30mg for as needed (before having sex).

I opted for the daily dose as being able to have sex spontaneously was what I wanted! 

I got the meds and thought. "What is this TINY little 5mg Tadalafil pill going to do that a 50 Sildenafil couldn't"? The instructions said it would take 30 minutes to work and will last 24 hours.  I was seriously doubting all that and decided to put it to the test. 

I took the pill,  waited 30 minutes and started playing with myself.  I got ROCK hard and not only was it stiff,  it was pointing straight up!! I then stopped playing with myself to allow my amazing hard on to subside to see if it would come back since it wouldn't before. 

I jumped in the shower, played with myself for a minute and BOING!  I stopped playing with myself  yet again and decided to test it when I went to bed.  BOING! I stopped fondling my cock and went to sleep to only keep testing in the morning.  BOING!

Tadalafil ain't no joke! So men. If you haven't tried it, talk to your doctor.  It's life changing! I feel like I'm 20 y/o again! 

And my wife said,  "Oh! We're fucking tonight!"

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I'm so happy you have a Dr that listens and values intimacy for the happiness of yourself & your spouse!!

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