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adult store fun

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She loves getting caught nude or topless by others and we often go out to public places where she can "put on a show".

Problem with that is in the winter it gets real cold, too cold for more then a few minutes nude or topless.


This problem was solved by us going to our local adult store.

The adult stores in New York do not have "glory holes", but they do have video booths.


Here is the story of our first time visiting the adult store.


It was mid week and Karen wanted to go some where to show off and make out.

The temperature was in the low teens so a suggested we try the adult store

Saying she could have her blouse undone enough to just expose her breast and maybe we could find something to buy.


Karen was a little nervous saying that the store maybe a little too busy.

so i said that if we went just after lunch that there would not be many if any people there.


Karen put on her favorite red body dress one that fully unzipped in the front.

Smiled and said lets go.


We arrived around 1 and the parking lot had just two cars.

as we entered the store Karen opened her coat and undid  her dress so that her breast was almost completely exposed.


Karen walked around the store looking at just about everything they had, while i walked at a short distance away.

When she got to the locked display of the personal lubricants the store clerk came over and asked if she needed help.

Karen asked questions about the different lubes while she made sure the clerk was getting a full view of her breast.

She even unzipped the dress a bit more so that when she moved her breast would get uncovered.

Karen picked out a flavored lube and paid for it.


Karen stood at the counter talking with the clerk for what seemed to be a long time.

as i approached i heard the clerk telling Karen about a video that was just uploaded in the booths

Karen turned to me and asked if i wanted to watch the video and of course i said yes.


As we watched the movie, I could feel my cock getting harder as she sat on my lap.


I unzipped her dress started to rub her tits.

Slowly slid My cock into her.

She moaned softly as I pushed deeper into Her.

I spread her legs wide as she rode my cock reverse cowgirl.

Karen started to moan.

i reached around and was rubbing her clit.

the door to the video booth we were in was slightly ajar and i saw the store clerk standing at the entrance to our booth, I wasn’t sure what to think.


The clerk had a stern look on his face and he didn’t seem happy about finding us fucking in his store.

My body went flush with embarrassment as my mind raced to find something to say to the store clerk.

I was desperate to explain away the sex that he was witnessing.

Before I could get a word out, Karen said: “Don’t just stand there, get your cock out and join us.”

The clerk smiled as he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out.

Without hesitation, Karen opened her mouth and took the clerk’s fat 8-inch cock down her throat.

Having two cocks in her turned me on in ways I didn’t think were possible.


It was not to long before Karen’s pussy exploded with cum, soaking my cock.

The clerk’s stiff cock throbbing in her throat almost simultaneously, As she swallowed his load.

The clerk pulled his cock out of her mouth and went back to work at the front of the store.. We left the store knowing that we had just added another chapter to our crazy sex life.

we will be going back and if you are in the Kingston ny area let us know just maybe we can meet up at the adult store..

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That got me hard reading your story and I am now jerking off. I wish I was in the adult store with you guys

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would not mind if i was there i would have my dick in hand masturbating watching you

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