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Warm Hands

One of my golf buddies just finished a class on erotic massage and invited me over to practice on. Our golf group of 6 to 8 members are all older married bi guys that enjoy sex. We have had group sex a few times in motel rooms and are all comfortable with each other. I wasn't sure, but thought Bob might have had a happy ending in mind for me. I showered and made sure I was prepared for any anal play that might happen. I went to Bob's house and he took me to his spare bedroom which had been converted into a massage room. "What do you think?" Bob asked. "I think this looks very professional" I told him. "I am going to make this a side business for extra cash" he said." I put a lock on the door and my wife knows to stay away when I have a client." He went over and closed the door and locked it. " With anyone else, I would leave the room while they changed, but you and I have seen each other naked plenty of times. Get naked and onto the table face down". I was only wearing shorts and a tee shirt and sandals, so getting undressed was easy. Once naked, I climbed onto the table and placed my face into the open space. He started with my neck and shoulders and worked out each arm and massage my hands and fingers. The oil was warm and I was really getting relaxed. He worked down my back and onto each leg. calf and foot. So far, just a very relaxing, professional massage. "Are there any areas you like to have more attention before you turn over?" Bob asked. " I cleaned my ass especially for you, Bob, some more work there would be nice." I said. " I think I know just what you need" Bob said. He went to cabinet and came back and started to massage my ass cheeks and put some oil right at the top of my ass crack and massaged into my rectum as it ran down. He placed a finger against the opening and pushed gently. After a few seconds it slipped inside. He added more oil and another finger and began began rotating them back and forth. Just as I was hoping he was going to massage my prostate, he slowly slid them out. I was just about to complain when I felt something pushing back in. He had placed a butt plug in my ass. "You can turn over now" Bob said. I turned over expecting the massage to continue. Bob got undressed and came over to the foot of the table. He grabbed my hips and slid me towards him, putting my legs up on his shoulders. He bent forward and took my semi hard cock into his mouth. He worked over the head for a bit and then took it to the back of his throat and started working it with his throat muscles. He was clearly trying to get me off, so I pushed in and out, trying to face fuck him. Just as I was about to shoot a load down his throat, he reached between my legs and pushed on the butt plug. I damn near jumped off the table, the butt plug was a vibrator! I was past the point of no return, I shot spurt after spurt as the vibrating butt plug worked my prostate. With my dick still in his mouth, Bob pushed the butt plug again to shut it off. One of the best blow jobs ever! Bob finished cleaning me off with his mouth and then walked over and started the microwave in the corner of the room. 15 seconds later he handed me a warm wash cloth and towel. Bob got dressed and left, saying "get dressed and meet me on the patio."
I went to the patio and grabbed a chair across the table from Bob and he handed me a beer.
"So what do you think, will the other guys like it?" he said. We both laughed. "I am serious about the professional massage, but I think we can have some fun with it too." he said.
" I will promote your business on one condition" I said. "Name it" he responded.
" You have to get on the table and let me give you a blow job while you have that vibrating butt plug in your ass!" "You drive a hard bargain, but OK" he said.

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Wow I would like to have a massage like that

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