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So I've never had an orgasm and I'm hoping that one of these dual action vibrators will do the trick. I have no idea which one to buy, so I'm looking for any recommendations. I've committed myself to choosing one before the weekend is over, so if anyone wants to throw out a suggestion of which one I should purchase (a toy from this website of course) I would really appreciate it.


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Well, each person is different, with pleasure points and preferences, so specifically saying this or that Dual Action vibe will be best, is hard to do, not knowing what you prefer. And Dual Actions have lots of options for the most finiky person! Let me recommend you checking out the Sex Toys Reviews. Lately there have been several Dual Action Vibes that have been reviewed. Most reviews have pics and a direct link to the product's description page right on them. And, of course, our honest opinions as to how they worked out, what they do, and how they felt.

You can also go up to the Enter Product Search box, and type in Dual Action, and a page with pretty much all of the dual actions will pop up for you!!

Things to keep in mind when purchasing, not only a Dual Action, but any sort of toy:

*What areas do you want to target? Like heavy clit stimulation, or anal stimulation, or vaginal?

*What type of materials do you prefer, silicone, rubber, hard plastic, glass...ect....what material will be best for your play, and the kind of care you can remember to use when cleaning and what lubes do you prefer? Again, remember no silicone lubes with any silicone toys.

*Battery types~how easy the batteries are to find, and install?

*How powerful a toy do you want?

*Noise levels, are they important?

*Do you get easily frustrated, or do you want to slowly take the time, and tease yourself?

*Dual actions can get expensive. How much are you willing to invest in one?

Asking yourself these questions will help narrow down what sort of toy will suit you.

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Thanks for the advice =) ... I decided to just go with the Rabbit iVibe because it was listed as one of the most popular buys and I really have no idea what I want, hah

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