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Swallowing "techniques"


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So my wife is still trying to "learn" how to swallow, which is going....slowly. She is a life-long spitter, but would like to learn. She is still having difficultly with taste, volume, and gag reflex. However, we are having fun with it and she does her best and tries really hard. She has actually learned to deep throat, which is quite nice. But...swallowing remains a huge challenge for her.

She posed a great question to her friends, so she could learn faster...and she got several DIFFERENT answers....the question being "WHEN do you actually swallow?....once in the middle (of his orgasm), then again at the end? (i.e. gulp half of it midway...then the rest at end)....or hold all of it in your mouth, then swallow all at once at the end?......or just deepthroat and just let it all go down your throat?...."

so...ladies.... tell me which way YOU do it, and why it works for you?

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Personally, I always swallow as he goes along! Meaning, as he starts to cum, I start to swallow - sucking and swallowing at the same time. If I am deepthroating, his cum kind of has a "beer bong" effect, and goes right down my throat. I always suck and lick his penis until every drop is out of him though.

Read my article on "How TO Deepthroat" - print it for your gf, there is information in there pertinent to swallowing!


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If she is have a taste and texture problem I agree that the easiest way to swallow is having you all the way in the back of her throat.

Keep thrusting like normal, when you're ready and your telltale signs are evident she'll know when to make sure you're in the best position to swallow all you have to offer with no problems.

It just slides on down and the spurting is such a turn on as well...

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