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On first glance, I found this a somewhat formidable looking vibrator at seven-and-a-half inches long and two inches in diameter. Not huge by sex toy standards, but larger than most real life penises. The packaging promises a real skin feel, and it is realistic, like a cross between skin and slime toys you get out of gumball machines. Like many sex toys, it has a strong rubbery smell, which may lessen with age.

So, what makes it Latin? Well, the skin tone is brown, and some of the packaging is written in Spanish, such as the exhortation to “amo mi juguete,” which, according to an Internet translation, means “master my toy.” It also promises that you can “make her shout, ‘Mas! Mas! Mas!’” That’s about it for Latin.

And what’s this about a clit teaser? At the base of the vibrator are fourteen warty looking bumps, definitely not something you would want to see on your real life partner, designed to stimulate the clitoris. I really tried to make this work, but couldn’t feel much. For one thing, to have the bumps against your clit, you have to have it stuck all the way in and leave it there, rather than sliding it in and out. I’d still rather use the left hand to thrust the vibe and the right hand on my clitoris.

A push button on the bottom lets you control the speed. You get three options: two slower pulses, and fast. The faster speed worked best for me, as the lower two reminded me of a food processor.

Although the packaging made no promises, I tried it for anal, which was realistic but unsuccessful. It felt like when you get frustrated wishing maybe your partner could get just a little bit harder so he could get it in there.

I like the looks of the Latin Clit Teaser, warts and all. I took a few digital close-ups and it looked like there could really be a man attached. With a little excitement and perhaps some lubricant, it doesn’t feel overly big once you get it inside. But don’t get your hopes up about the clit teasing.

Latin Clit Teaser

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Sorry this didn't work out for you. But soemtimes that happens. I guess they can't ALL be winners!

Was this toy loud? Batteries (type?)Where's the link?

Better luck with the next one.

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Thanks for the review Jaspir!

I tried this toy a while back and was basically pleased wtih the "clit teaser" - perhaps I just utilized the bendy nature better.

Keep trying to find that better fit for you!

Here is a link to my review:


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