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Ok. Might Be A Stupid Question


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I'm having issues knowing if I have cummed or not. I know that sometimes women don't every time

but should I atleast feel something? Its not like that all the time, just sometimes, I dont know if I have

or not. I know he has, but not me.

One of his goals when we make love is to have me cum, and sometimes it just doesn't happen. I know

I am wet, but is that the same? or am I doing something wrong?

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On honey, if you "cum" that means you have had an orgasm - and if you have an orgasm, YOU WOULD KNOW...period!

There is a difference between lubrication and cumming. While the lubrication that you produce during foreplay and sex is similiar to what you produce during orgasm - they are different.

I suspect you have not had an orgasm, or came, because if you did, this question would not be necessary. Have you tried masturbation on your own to get to Orgasm? Does he or you touch your clit during sex? Read my articles on ORGASM and on FAKING THE O - these should help answer any questions you might have about this - and maybe enlighten you a bit.

Go to the sex education tab above and find them!

Good luck!

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