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Heart Remote Pillow Vibe


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Heart Vibe Pillow

Who here has ever humped their stuffed animals, or, say a pillow? If you like to do so, or even if you just like some cute pillows, this cutie is a great find!

The Heart Vibe Pillow has several great features! The pillow case is red, with white hearts, which is oh, so cute AND velvety soft. It unzips off of the pillow for easy washing. PLUS inside the case, is a nice little pocket to tuck the wonderous long bullet vibe included with this pillow/toy combo! Batteries for both the vibe and the remote ARE INCLUDED! That's a wonderful thing!! ;)

The vibe has some great settings, and the highest ones definitely please this pillow snuggler! And we all know how much I love my strong vibes!! The on/off switch for the vibe, is under a lid, so it can be ready and waiting to go, or shut off, so even if the remote or the function button is hit, it won’t turn on. The remote provides easy settings changes without having to keep taking it out of the pillow. The remote boasts of having a 15’ range. My bedroom is pretty small, but, it did reach from the bed, to the door, with no problem. The bullet also has a function button ON it as well, so you don’t always have to use the remote to activate/change the settings. Oh, and did I mention the bullet is waterproof? Great fun! When the vibe is in the pillow, is extremely quiet. It’s not overly loud outside of it either. Behind closed doors, I don’t think it could be heard.

My hubby and I both enjoyed using the vibe all over our bodies, and getting off with its help. And, we also like using it as a massager for our necks, while laying on the pillow. What a great idea!

This toy is perfect for a bridal shower gift, Valentine’s, birthdays, or whenever! Perfect for those people that are so hard to buy for and love excitement. It’s simple, easy to use, discreet, versatile, and cute!

Rest your head on my pillow bzzzzzzzz

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Huh. Initially, I was SUPER curious about this product - it's really unlike any other vibrator or massager that we currently sell. My first thought was "what ON EARTH could you do with this...?!?" You've proved me wrong, and now... I kinda want one! :)

Good Job.


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