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Most women will tell you, if they’ve tried a dual action vibrator, that they are fantastic toys no woman should be without. Well, for those of you who love your g-spot orgasms or wish to FIND your g-spot, the Adonis G-Spot & Clitoral Stimulator dual action vibe is a must!

Made of flexible silicone, this vibe has TWO bullets within to stimulate both of the two areas it’s created to pleasure. One end curves slightly to rub the mysterious g-spot internally. The other end sports soft nubbies that tease & pleasure the clit externally.

Four AA batteries (not included) fit with some effort into the controller. Both bullets connect to the controller with their own cords & have their own push button for vibe levels. One side has low, medium & high settings. The other side has low, medium, high & four other vibrating patterns. It doesn’t matter which bullet you plug into which side -- mix it up! Use the more simple side on your clit one day and then try out the different vibe patterns in the same spot the next!

Although not promoted this way, you can also use the toy as an external anal stimulator. By wearing the curved end within your vagina, you can turn the nubby end around to tickle the outside of your anal opening & enjoy the toy this way as well!

This vibrator is not waterproof and although it’s not overly loud, it’s not exactly quiet. Also, it is made of silicone, so make sure NOT to use silicone lubricants -- stick with water-based lubes that won’t destroy its silicone material. Lastly, if you’re one who likes very strong vibrations like I do, this item may not do much for you. I thought it felt really nice, but it didn’t bring me to orgasm. I can fully see, though, if my vibe-level-need wasn’t so high, how this would be at the top of my toybox day-in and day-out.

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Very interesting looking toy! Gotta love dual bullets!

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I think tootimid needs to start making custom sleepwear tank tops. Mine would read I love dual action! Hahaha. And this toy kinda looks like a catapillar.

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