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Has Anyone Delt With Bipolar Hubby

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My SIL is dealing with her husband being bi-polar and the medication takes away his sex drive. The best thing to do is speak to his therapist/Dr. I would ask about Viagra and if it is safe to take with his other medications. I would keep his Dr informed and get his okay to try different things.

First and foremost you husband has to be willing to find an answer. That is the problem my SIL is dealing with b/c her husband doesn't care to have anything done about it. He is really embarrassed and refuses to talk about it.

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I have a great friend who is extremely bipolar. She struggled for YEARS to find a medication that not only worked for her, but didn't make her feel like a Eunich (a genderless person).

She hated the side-effects of the medications that made her feel almost "normal". She LOVED sex, when she got in the mood for it. But, with her disorder, she had a hard time functioning, dealing with a stressful state job, dealing with 2 young kids, being a single mother, living with her disabled grandmother, AND trying to be a GF too. That's a lot for a "normal" person to deal with.....I was shocked that she handled it as well as she did.

She knew when she was off, or the meds weren't working anymore, and, after being around her for so many years, I was able to tell when the meds needed upping, or she was off them totally. She turned into a screaming banshee who went into mad rages over nothing at all, when she was off her meds.

What she found that works for her, may not work for someone else. Medications work differently in different people (hence why some people get some of the side-effects, while others don't). Time, patients, and extreme open-communication with your doctor is extremely important. Plus, even though it may not feel like the one with the disorder wants you, or is screaming/crying at you, try to understand that it's NOT your fault, and it's NOT personal.

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