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East Side Story


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Vivid Alt has done it again, with an outstanding and very unique porn flick. East Side Stories takes something of a "real world" approach to presenting what is really just video of people having sex, yes porn. They begin each segment with an interview with the actors and actresses. In some cases this is a turn off because they come off as really really stupid, but in other cases it makes them even hotter to hear them speak in such a casual and non-moaning way.

All the girls as well are nicely shaven with attractive bodies. They all have sort of a "Suicide Girls" look to them which is VERY hot on its own. Everyone has some combo of piercings, tattoo's or died hair (Check out http://suicidegirls.com/ to get my drift). My boyfriend says "Very pants creaming". The guys aren't half bad in it too! Tyler Knight was by far the most attractive and highly arousing. The last clip with him is just pure hot bodied sex, growl!

The sets are pretty weird, done up in a kind of art instillation manner. It can be distracting, but different to say the least and hey it gives you something else to comment on other than the usual butt dimples! Other scenes were distinctly less of a turn on for me, one particular girl on girl scene comes to mind. The scene begins with a mohawk lesbian masturbating herself with what appears to be some pieve of farm machinery or maybe something from an army kitchen. All the while she is ordering around some skinny girl who appears to be doing nothing but leaving her snail train on some ubiquitus japanese motorcycle conveniently parked on a porn set of all places. The scene only gets better as the mohawk chick does the other girl with a strap-on. But to each is own. If you like watching a little bit of weirder lesbian sex, this might be right up your alley. The rest of the sex scenes are very straight forward hetero sex with some anal and lots of close up shots. Positions change constantly so there's never a dull moment.

Aside from one out of six scenes that was not so hot, overall this was one of the hottest films I have ever seen. Not to mention the packaging for this porn was awesome! You get a bonus behind the scenes disc with a side project short from one of the porn stars and a music CD. The music CD has only 2 songs on it, the main one playing through the whole film and a radio edit. If you like electra pop its worth a listen. This film was a nice break from normal porn which can get a bit monotonous. I will watch it again, and it will make me hot and horny again!

I heart tattoo's and want something new and different

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This is exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for! It's weird, arty, and sexy... just like me *laughs*

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I meant to suggest this one to you. Very cool flick.

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