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Carmen's Voluptuous Lips


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During a recent masturbation night with my wife, I decided to see if Carmen’s luscious lips measured up to some of the other toys I have for masturbation.


First out, I was not overly impressed with the look of this toy, but I hoped the feel would make up for its aesthetics. This is a pretty strait forward toy (you decided if I intended the pun or not) and unlike most masturbation sleeves I have, this one is closed on the back end, making for a slightly different set of rules for clean up. You never want to leave dried semen in a toy, it can damage the material and it’s pretty dang gross to boot.

This toy is made of very soft futureotic material and being not 100% sure, I used some tootimid water based lube just to be safe. I added a generous amount of lube to her mouth and my cock and with my wife’s eager encouragement began to push the head past her lips. There was less resistance than some of the other toys I have tried, and she fit great in the girth department, but I found the ridges a bit annoying. It was long enough to accommodate me but some guys over 7inches might have a problem.

With some hot verbal encouragement and watching her work her clit and pussy with the wild thing vibe, it was highly erotic. I squeezed down a little and really felt those ridges. It was a highly unique feeling and I don’t know if it was better or worse, but just different.

My wife wanted to see the fireworks so I didn’t finish in the sleeve, however I did give it a thorough cleaning afterwards. I used warm soap and water and to really get deep in side (this toy is quite stretchy) I very gently turned it inside out and washed it making sure to get all the ridges both inside and out. They provide some non-scented talc to keep the toy from getting sticky or tacky. Gently turn it right side out again and use more of the talc to keep it good as new.

My over all on this toy is positive, but tend to prefer more realistic colors as opposed to this toys looking like something Captian Kirk would have nailed on Star Trek.

Rub it with Ridges

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LMAO!! I loved the Star Trek crack!!

Thanks for the great review!

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hahaha. Hey don't mess with Captain K. haha. Even aliens need some lovin ya know!

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