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I know I have heard a lot of women talk about how they want for porn to be more romantic and more sensual rather than just straight fucking. This film seems to have captured that romantic element that is missing from so many porn films. Each of the several scenes begins very slowly with a long and sexy courtship where the heterosexual couples undress eachother while playfully and erotically teasing and pleasing eachother.

The first thing that viewers will notice about this film even from the very first scene is that great efforts were made to put the actors into costumes and props that fit distict time periods for each scene. The scenes go in chronolgical order beginning with the 20's and going all the way throught the present.

The scenes are shot in almost a soft core fashion with lots of slow film cuts and use of soft lighting. Penetration is shown, although it is not nearly as close up or graphic as is typical. The film is perhaps geared towards female viewers as there are very long sections of each scene devoted to foreplay and oral, which may be less stimulating to view for males.

Some of the highlights of this film were the period costumes, props and very sensual lead ins to the sex scenes. There's music only for much of the soundtrack, no poor quality audio of fake moans in this film. In the modern scene (90's) which takes place in sort of a club scene, the characters finger paint eachother with photoluminescent paints under a black light, very sexy.

Some of the low points are its lack of hardhore boning, hetero only scenes, and one dirty pair of Keds from the 50's scene. There's just something about tennis shoes on during sex that just didn't do it for me.

One of my girlfriends mentioned to me the other day that she really doesn't like hardcore and wanted a porn with more courtship, more romance. I couldn't recommend anything. Other than Skin-amax or soft core cable attempts I couldn't think of any. I think this flick is somewhat of a rarity in the mainstream industry. While it was a bit too tame for me I know there are some who want the lead up and romantic nuance's and should check out this dreamy romantic endeavour.

A lil romance

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This sounds like a great beginner's film, or for those who are just turned off by the hardcore/slut/lesbain sex. Someone that wants to experiement and try new stuff without being shocked into it!

Thanks for the great review!

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For Everyones Information... this film comes from a new line that we have just added to the site. They are made mostly by lennox films and they are in face geared more towards women. Now since I am in a relationship with someone with whom i watch porn with on a regular basis he deff. noticed the difference between this and the other porn'os that we have seen. so i agree with Tyger that they would be a great recommendation for a beginner couple or woman.

Just figured that i would let you all know ;) oh and they guys aren't that bad to look at either!

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