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How To Be "sexy" Or Turn My Fiance On As A Male


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it is really hard to think of ways to turn my fiance on, as a male it is easy for me he wanting sex or sometimes just hearing her voice turns me on... but in her case I am just not exactly sure what will work and what will end in an argument because i am annoying her from trying to hard, any suggestions?

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Each woman is different (as with men). So, what one woman may love and that gets her hot, another may find extremely annoying. Like Howard suggested, I would ask her. If she doesn't know, then it can be a fun adventure. Just make sure that she knows that you're trying, and you want to please her and turn her on, and not annoy her.

Some suggestions (from an easily annoyed woman): sincere compliments, neck/shoulder rubs, caresses (not gropes. I find groping disresectful), flowers, a handwritten note, text messages, surprise dinners, helping out with housework, just taking the time to spend with me, a nice long drive in the country.

Some of those are a bit cliche', but they work.

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