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Angelic Vibe


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The Angelic Vibe is another great choice from Tootimid.com, helping me once again get off vivaciously!

This particular vibe is geared towards clitoral and g-spot stimulation, with a protruding jelly curve that encompasses the bullet part. I loved this feature! It slid along my outer lips quite easily and was even more easy to insert inside me with the tapered curve. It has three different sized bulbs that make the same shape your fingers would for masturbating. It's very soft, resilient and made of TPR rubber. TPR materials are supposedly safer because they're non-toxic and phthalate free. The rubber also feels softer and makes for easier insertion. And you can use silicone lubes with it. It's also waterproof. Which for me means I can clean it as thoroughly as I want without having to worry about shorting out my toy!

You also get a velvety feeling remote control with for four LED light up buttons. You wouldn't think the LED lights on the remote are a big deal. But when you can't find the remote to change up speeds in the heat of the moment it can be a buzz kill! And the lighted buttons are very sensitive which is great for those quick needed speed change ups. It's a fairly quiet toy with ideal variations in speed, going from a soft flutter to fairly strong (It's not the strongest of vibrations but still superb!). I absolutely love to start out masturbating with a slow speed and change it up constantly to heighten my orgasm. This time though I gave the control to my boyfriend and had him control the speeds while I touched myself. He loves making me squirm! I loved using it more for clitoral stimulation, but it felt sublime inside me as well. Its remarkably small enough to use for extra clit stimulation during sex too and not get in the way.

This is a perfect advanced version of a vibrating bullet you can use as a vibrator. I think anyone from beginners to advanced can appreciate this toy. The curved feature is delightful addition to an already established favorite!

Wanna try a new curve?

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