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As I opened the door I had butterflies in my stomach. The bell on the door announced another customer, as I was looking around I saw the biggest collection of toys, lotions and videos for adults that I had ever seen. As I approached the one counter, I felt this breath behind me and felt a bulge against my back end. The voice quietly said isn't this the biggest selection you have ever seen, much to my surprise I said yes. As I was about to turn around I felt the presence gone. I continued to look around and suddenly I felt this breath against my neck and he said I know that we do not know each other, but I would like to get to know you better, so I have reserved a room for us, so that we can just get to know each other, suddenly I turned around and said I am sorry, but I do not do these things with people I have just met. He laughed and said, yeah, but who said anything is going to happen, so I decided that maybe just maybe this man is real. As I followed him into this room I was shocked at what I saw. This room had a jacuzzi, sauna, shower, table and a bench wide enough for two. He slowly started to kiss me with his soft lips and then I knew that I could not refuse his requests. He opened the bottle of champagne and we sipped it, while we talked. Then he slowly started rubbing my inner thigh, by this time my pussy was so wet, that all I could do was to undress and get in the jacuzzi with this man. He was so hard and big that I got on top of him and started riding him, much too my surprise I started cumming and could not stop, the water was feeling so good that I we kept on fucking in different positions in the water. After awhile we got out and took a cool shower, as I bent down to get the soap he came from behind and started fucking me again, oh how that felt so good. After I came again, we both dried off and drank a little bit more champagne and then got into the hot tub again, and again we tried several different positions, which caused me to have multiple orgasms, finally he said well I guess I better be going, it is getting late and I do have to work tomorrow, as we were getting dressed he asked for my phone number, so that we could see each other again, of course without a thought I wrote my number down for him. As we left the room I felt as though everyone in this store was looking at us, and it felt kind of naughty knowing that they know what we did. I walked out of the store and a cool breeze hit my face and oh how I felt so calm.

I got into my car and got home, as I opened my door I could hear slow music playing in my bathroom, as I walked slowly in I saw this man again and he had drawn me a bubble bath, with yet some more champagne. I asked him if he was trying to get me drunk to seduce me and his reply was, I will try anything once. So we got into the bathtub and he slowly started rubbing my shoulders, knowing that I was getting horny, he pulled me to his chest as I got on top of him. We started rocking back and forth and I started cumming again. This time, I told him that I would like for him to come, seeing as how he had pleased me so much. So we got out of the tub, and I slowly put his big cock in my mouth and gently kissed and sucked him, well it did not take long for him to start shooting his cum into my mouth and what a huge amount he had stored up. As I swallowed all of him, I started to lick him off and kissed his balls.

We slowly headed for the bed, when I looked at him slowly kissed his lips and thanked him for the best anniversary gift he could have given me. He grinned and said I am glad that you had a wonderful night.

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Well that is a GREAT anniversary surprise!! I hope it really happened too!

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I like that one. Sexy and sweet.

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