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Question About Sensitivity After Breast Enlargment


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I have been thinking of getting breast implants, but I was curious if any of you had any opinions on this matter. What I am wondering is if any of you have had implants and did you notice an increase or decrease in sensitivity. I really don't want to do this and simply have a water bag in there with no feeling what so ever. Any advice is appreciated.

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Implants have come a long way in the last 10 years. No longer is there an extreme fear of loosing all sensitivity. I do not have implants - don't need them (may need a lift some day though :) ) however, I do have a friend who has them. She got them about 3 years back and she loves them. The look and feel (yes I felt them) real, they give her a more balanced look to her body, and she says they are actually a bit more sensitive than they were before. The nipple portion of the surgery no longer requires amputation, but instead they kind of cut around the nipple underneath, then put in the implant. This allows for continuous bloodflow to the nipples and hence no loss of sensation. She reports that the remainder of her breasts felt "different" but not bad.

So, I hope that helps, perhaps someone can give you personal advice!

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I've spoken to people that have had their breasts enlarged, and I guess it depends on the surgeon, jow big the implants are, and where they cut to put the implants in. One girl had the same response as Mikayla's friend. Another said that she lost all sensitivity to her nipples. She had the surgery where they cut the aereola to put the implant in. Now, her implants were rather large, so that also may have something to do with it too.

If your'e serious in this, then, go ask a couple (not just one) surgeons how the proceedure is done, and what the risks are. That's my best advise.

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