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Dorm Sex?


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My boyfriend is back home in Michigan while I am in Massachusetts going to college. He is thankfully in the process of transferring here for the Spring semester, but I miss him so badly and he's going insane without me there. Emotionally, of course, it's extremely trying and difficult (it's been just over two weeks and it feels like forever...), and physically it is also a strain. I miss the affection and our sex drives easily call for multiple sessions a day, given the opportune moment. We relieve ourselves by sending nude pictures to one another more or less daily, but we don't engage in phone/cyber sex, etc., partly because I can't really see myself doing that at this point (I've been sexually active since February) and mainly because I share my room with my roommate.

And here's my main point of concern. I arranged for him to fly out here for 4 nights to visit, and my roommate offered to sleep on the couch so we could "have [our] privacy," which is awesome. So they're aware that some hot stuff will be happening behind our closed door, but regardless I any tips on.. um.. being courteous when you're within close proximity to people are much welcome. I tend to be pretty vocal involuntarily, and my bed squeaks like crazy. Plus, it's a tiny twin bed. The room locks, and my roommates tend to be out of the room often, but if anyone has tips for dorm sex, let me hear 'em :] Stories are fun, too!

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Their normal hours are thankfully ~2am, haha, and I certainly plan to live as "normally" as possible while he is here. My roommates are very accomodating (I let them bring their drunken friends over, they let me have my boyfriend) and I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize our peaceful atmosphere.

I'm not worried at all about my boyfriend, but now that I think of it, I can't be too sure about my roommates. Thanks for bringing that up! The girl who shares my bedroom (we're in a suite style, 2 in one room, 1 in a single, and a kitchen/living room between us) is pretty out there and prides herself in the number of boys she can make out with... I hadn't thought about it, but I'll be extra sure she keeps her distance.

It would be great if I could get a hotel, but I simply can't afford it. I'm in Boston, actually, and keeping a tight college budget. I looked for nearby hotels, but it was just too much. Ah, well. He's a good, responsible boy, and I'll keep things under control. I'm definitely not going to abuse my right to have my lover with me :]

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Hurrah for your roommate for being sweet enough to offer to sleep elsewhere for a few nights! If she offered, take her up on it!

If your main worry is over the noise of the bed, try making a bed on the floor, if there's room. Use any privacy during the daytime to try out different places -- lock the bathroom and take a shower together... take advantage of your roommates' class schedules for afternoon quickies...

Also, have your night-time nookie be an experimenting time for SLOW sex. Not only is it a great way to keep the mattress from being noisy, it's a great love-making way of focusing on your lover -- there's more talking, more eye contact, different feelings all around. It's also a VERY nice way to keep yourself from getting overly vocal.

I had a squeeky single bed in a tiny college dormroom with a roommate only a few feet away. You've got it made with that lovely big suite of yours! :)

It sounds like you need to keep an eye on your flirty roommate, but just make sure you don't read into things or get so jealous that it ruins your visit. Your honey is coming to see you - enjoy your visit. :wub:;)

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That's great that your roommates are so accomodating. I would count yourself very lucky.

Be very careful how you handly the "Flirty" roommate. If you come right out and tell her "Hands off" she may get pissed off or she may see it as a challange. Diplomacy is the best thing. I would just see what happens. Also, before he gets there, try not to overload them with stories of how he makes you feel. Gushing may want Flirty want to try and test it (or him) out. Howard made some great suggestions, making sure he wears clothes no matter where he goes in the room(s), locking the bedroom AND bathroom doors, and announcing himself before he makes an entrance, so as not to catch any unintentional clothes changing.

Obviously, your roommates are going to kow what you're doing, whether they hear the squeaking or not. Be prepared for some possible teasing. You can control vocalization. Muffling your face in a pillow when you feel a scream coming on, biting down on it, or kissing your BF, all help keep the noise levels down. It's just one of those things that you really should be aware of when you have roommates, for their consideration. After all, you don't want them charging in on you, thinking that you're hurt, when you scream. :P I'm very vocal. I prefer to be so. However, now that I'm a mother, that's had to be curbed, otherwise, we'd have a little one coming in and seeing what was going on! Same idea.

I hope that the visit goes well. Just remember, both you and he should be overly considerate for this extended visit/sleep over, so that your roommates will be willing to possibly do it again in the future.

Best wishes!!

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I had to seperate myself from this one for a bit, because it just struck me "wrong". Plus, this is WAY O.T. (off topic). :huh:

In no way am I making this a "dig" because Howard hasn't had children, for whatever personal reasons, however, since he hasn't had the experience of having a little one pop in, at the most inopportune moments, well, let's just say, you have to learn about how to deal with kids, when you have them. Babysitter, uncle, aunt, part-time step-parent, whatever, it needs to be truly experienced. I always got insulted when my friends, with kids, would say that to me, but, I will fully admit, that I was wrong in getting insulted, and yes, it is truly different having your own, living with you.

You may say that kids need to understand the difference between screams of pain and pleasure. However, this is my personal opinion, I don't feel that children should be hearing screams of pleasure. Maybe soft sounds, but screaming, no matter if it's a good one or a bad one, to a little one, is a scary thing, and if they get startled awake, well it's not a fun thing to have to deal with, and the mood is therefore killed. You really have a hard time reasoning with a small child, scared out of their minds, because they heard Mommy scream. It's just not a reasonable thing to expect, that they'd understand that.

I don't find that appropriate, therefore, I keep my mouth muffled if I feel the scream coming on. What's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. Some parents are blessed with kids that could sleep thru a train going thru their rooms. We, however, have a child that wakes up when the crickets fart outside. :P She has a great imagination, and HATES to be woken up. So, I keep my screams muffled.

When you have small children, work, and life in general, as a couple, you need to steal private time when you can. Fully enjoy it, hog it, treasure it, and allow the kids to sleep thru it. Not only is it great for the parents, but when a child gets woken up, they're crabby in the morning, and not pleasant to be around. :rolleyes: It keeps the time that you have for yourselves as a couple, truly yours. You do everything you can to be able to enjoy the time you get, no matter when, so we tend to keep it down.

For those of us in small houses, screaming, even behind closed doors, is audible. So, not even a closed door helps. :angry:

My whole point for my "muffle the screams" suggestion was for the original poster's roommates sakes. They're putting themselves out a bit (even though they bring home drunk people sometimes), by allowing her BF to stay there. The least they could do is be as quiet as possible, at night at least, so when the others are trying to sleep, and have classes the next day, possibly tests, that they're able to get as much rest as they can, without being startled awake by a scream. Being considerate isn't a hard thing to do, if you truly try. Unfortunately, you see many a roommate go their seperate ways because of someone being rude, disrespectful, and inconsiderate.

Since money is tight, again, thinking of others around you, while still enjoying the time you have with your BF, you'll want to be able to hopefully do that again, so, keep it down. That's just my opinion, and what I expect when I have someone stay with us.

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Moving the action to another part of the room is a great idea if you are concerned with the squeeky bed. Also don't forget to put on some background noise. Radio, television, whatever you got. I'm sure your roomate would appreciate listening to your favorite CD rather than naughty noises!

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