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I’m not sure that this item can be considered a “sex toy”, per say, since, it is, in fact, a Kegel exerciser. Dr. Laura Berman teams up with California Exotics to bring you this “Intimacy Accessory”, designed to help strengthen your pelvic floor. Thousands of women, in clinical tests, help Dr. Laura Berman & the Berman Center come up with this, and several other items designed to help enhance women’s sexual responses, issues, and to help aide in orgasms.

First, I hear someone in the back say, “What are Kegels, and why would you want to do them?” Kegels are when you clench your vaginal muscles and release them. The best way to describe how to do them, is to just think about stopping the flow of urine, and squeezing the muscles down there. Every woman can do this. Those are the muscles that push a baby out of the birth canal. Doing Kegels not only allows birthing to happen easier, it also makes a woman more aware of those muscles, allowing her to further excite her lover by squeezing down on his penis. One can do Kegels anywhere, anytime, and nobody knows that you’re doing them *squeeze, hold, release, squeeze, hold, release…” See? I’m doing them as I write this review, in fact. Why would you want to do them? The more a woman is aware of the muscles she has, and how to use them, the easier orgasms will come, and, you can also please your lover with your tightened muscles. Men LOVE it when a woman grabs a hold of his cock, without the use of her hands!

So, being a practiced Kegel-doer, I was excited, and a bit amused, to see Isis in my box of new toys. Having a quirky sense of humor, as I was reading the box, and description of this item, I thought, “Oh, ok! A pussy dumbbell!” Which, is essentially what it is, without the weights. (They do make one with weights in it as well.) Made of seemless Lucite, which is a clear plastic, it resembles a bulbous bowtie. The idea is to slide this item up inside your vagina, and see if you can hold it in by using your vaginal muscles. There is no retrieval ring, cord, or strap, but, the premise is to have your muscles hold it in, and then push it out. You can fully submerse this item in warm soapy water, for easy cleaning. There is a diagram on the flap of the box, that shows you the entire female genital anatomy, so you can get a really good idea of what you have, and where it is. It even comes with a lilac netted nylon pouch to put it in, to store and protect it.

Dabbing a bit of lube on Isis, it slid up very easily. The small ball in the middle does help keep half of it inside you, something for your muscles to grasp. The instructions tell you that you can use Isis laying down at first, or standing up. The idea is to keep Isis INSIDE your vagina with the use of your vaginal muscles. Let me tell you, just sitting and doing Kegel exercises is A LOT different than actually trying to HOLD something up inside using the same muscles. I was able to squeeze it only 5 times before it slid out. Now, I did use a silicone lube with it, and, since it is a smooth toy, that added 2 more degrees of difficulty. So I lay down and did some squeezing for more practice. But, all in all, I was impressed with how my muscles felt afterwards. I definitely knew that they’d had a workout.

I recommend this Intimate Accessory to all women. It's small, easy to use and clean, and not intimidating. Plus, it's actually pretty too. I’ve had many women actually ASK me, “how EXACTLY does one do Kegels?” With the use of this item, women will no longer have to ASK, they will find out exactly how to do their Kegels.

Get a Workout With ISIS

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how long is this? It looks huge to me for some reason. Do you also have the smart balls pelvic exerciser? Any idea how the two compare? I have the smart balls but I am looking for something new. The smart balls fit me snugly and after using them for a while, they are super easy to keep in, even without doing kegels or having to clench and my husband still can't feel me grab hold of him.

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It's hard to get an idea as to how large this item is, however, it's not large at all.

Isis is only a total length of a regular pen. It's 6" long, and about as round as a hot dog, diameter of 1.5".

I've used some Kegel balls, and I found that this item, for me, worked better.

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Excellent review, Tyger!

Isn't it funny how for so many of us, reading our TooTimid forums is the mental reminder to *squeeze... hold... release* *squeeze... hold... release* ...? :)

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