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G Spot Stimulation Through Anal


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Well it has been a while since i have written anything but i thought it was time.

Being that it is mostly us guys trying to get the Wife or G/F to try or like anal it is our responsibillity to make sure it is pleasurable to her. One thing i have found that is after a nice massage and she is relaxed and maybe a little more open to Anal Play, if you are going to use a finger you can try and stimulate the G Spot through the anal cavity. the best way to do this is with her lying on her stomach. legs open a little as if you were going in for finger play elsewhere. I find i can do this best with my index or middle finger. after it is well lube and i have it incerted. instead of just an in and out motion i point down as if i was pointing toward her belly button. Hopefully you already know where her G spot is and have stimulated it. i can find the G spot and then i use my finger to make either a circular motion on it or the tried and true come here motion with the finger to rub over it. this will give anal and G spot stimulation at the same time.

now once you have this going hopefully you have her fully excited and should feel the wiggeling and maybe the light moan. this is when you use the other hand to slide it under her and use it for Vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

with this little combination you should be able to bring her to a very nice orgasm. now if that orgasm is anal, G-spot or clitoral i have no idea i just know it is a way to make her ask for it next time.

Caution -- do not switch fingers at any time. once you have been in the anal it is not to be used elsewhere.

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