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Heyo! I'm So Excited To Get Help From You Guys!

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Hello! I'm really glad I found this place! The info I've read so far has been very enlightening. I'm pretty inexperienced, but I want to become as fabulous at activities of a sexual nature as possible, especially since I just started dating this guy that I'm pretty into and he's a little more experienced than me. I've never had an orgasam, and I really want to change that... I also would love any advice on initiating things that are a little more out of the ordinary because I feel foolish trying to think of things to say that will make the things I want happen! (the stuff isn't even that crazy, just more adventurous positions and places).

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Welcome and I am sure you will find fun adventurous stuff here :)

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Check out the Everything Else forum, there are a lot of funnies, hints, and questionairs that people have answered. There is even one (or 2), that are about the most interesting places we've had sex. The whole site is packed FULL of stuff. I'm glad you found us, and welcome!!

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