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Bad Vibrations?


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I was wondering if this was a common problem, my wife (Sweet Peach) does not like vibrators. Dildos she loves, especially glass. We have tried sevral from the pocket rocket to lelo, nothing seems to work for her. Maybe I can convince her to get on later and tell more, but I was wondering if anybody else was out there like her.

It might not be tonight though we got a present in the mail today from Too Timid.

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I don't mind vibrators it's just they're too fast and rough, especially on my vulva, unless the battery has a chance to run down a bit. On the inside they help get me going, but not to the point of climaxing. I just figure it's just the way the nerves are after having 4 kids. One of which came so fast that the doctor had to cut out a hematoma that was too bad to leave. We keep trying to find the right one, and thats half the fun!

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Try finding some silicone sleeves. These can cut down on the roughness and a lot have ticklers that feel oh so good.

Try These for starters... I used to have some like these years ago. They may be too thin to cut out a lot of the vibration, but they're cheap enough to try.

A cute little vibe I found that has minimal roughness is the Blissful Berries vibe. The sleeve is thick around the center so it's just a small, pleasing bumpy kind of buzz.

Keep having fun trying!

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I would also suggest that you look for vibes that have controllers on them. Maybe more than 2 settings, there are several that have up to 10 (sometimes more), and some of those are pretty low.

What a lot of people also thing is that, if it's feeling good, that it may border on pain. I'm not sure if that's you, but I put that out there too. If possible, try leaving the vibe on the clitoral hood, and see how that feels. Some women don't like DIRECT stimulation, but on the hood, or around it, is good.

You may want to ask the OB/GYN that performed your "quickie birthing surgery", and see if nerve damage was a possibility. With any surgery, I'm sure that nerve damage is.

Than again, you may be one woman that just doesn't like vibes, and that's ok too. Everyone is different!

Best wishes and good luck!

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