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Reality Vibe


An hour charge on the docking station is enough for a long playtime session, but I made sure it was charged for a couple before we got to testing, just to be on the safe side.

At bedtime, I brought the pink, incredibly lifelike vibe into the bathroom. Since it’s waterproof silicone, the scrub down was a breeze with antibacterial soap. Although this was one of my first large toys, the size didn’t really intimidate me. The size is advertised as six inches long (which includes the knob you hold) by 1 ½ inches wide. I thought the toy may be a little too lifelike for my man’s taste, but he was surprisingly eager to test this puppy out.

The tip of the toy is curved to be able to hit the G Spot, and the end is a rounded knob, easy for you or your partner to hold. The inside of the knob is curved inward and holds the two controls. That right - just two; one button to turn the vibe on and off, and a small joystick to change speeds. Although the joystick is small, it is ergonomically placed and easy to nudge up or down. The shaft is incredibly flexible but firm, yet another of its lifelike qualities. The medical grade silicone does not give off any scent and is soft to the touch.

When you first turn on the vibe, it gives a quick buzz then starts on the lowest setting. This speed is barely noticeable, but could be great to get someone warmed up. Just by bumping the joystick, the speeds go from gentle to intense and then three pulse settings. Once at the pulse settings, if you keep hitting the joystick up it will keep circulating through the three of them. For the vibrations it gives off, this baby is very quiet.

My man had a blast using this bad boy to get me to my limits again and again. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, I rose into one of the best G-Spot orgasms I’ve ever had. This is a great toy for beginners and advanced alike, big enough to give you that full feeling, yet not intimidating as it looks like the real thing.

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This looks awesome! And, we love the fact that NO BATTERIES are needed! How cool!

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