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Having Sex From Behind


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Hi, one question my new man and I are the same height. I love to make love when the man is behind me, but I'm a tall girl and, although we have not practice much yet, it seemed to be a problem...my long legs...any suggestion on how could we position ourselves...?

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Howard, thank very much..i will experiment and let go...I always thought that my vag..was too big or I am doing something wrong...but I have hope with my new partner that it is position, relaxation and of course..having fun....

Thank you much for the advise and I'll let you know how it works...


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My hubby is 6', and I'm a little over 5'9". He's a bit longer in the legs than I am, only by about 2" or so. You'd think that that really wouldn't matter, but it does. All he has to do is bend his knees slightly. It's all about practicing and finding out what works for YOU!

Never ever think something is wrong with you because you "don't line up" with your lover. People are built differently, and you should enjoy your legginess!

*Just look at them legs!! They go on all the way up and make an ass outta themselves!* I can't remember what movie that's from, but I LOVE that line!

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