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Racquel's Award Winning Sex

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If you are a fan of "compilation videos" then this one is certainly for you! 22 HOT scenes that all have two things in common: Adult film star Racquel Darrian and hot sex!

In this 4 hour tour de sex, Racquel gets her fuck on with every star you can imagine! Christy Canyon, Jon Dough, Kym Wilde, Niki Tyler, Jessica James, Buck Adams and Asia Carrera to name just a few! These are some of Racquel's most notable scenes and there is enough variety to satiate any sexual appetite.

Guy / girl, anal, vaginal, oral, 5 girl on girl train, MMF, FFM - there is nothing not represented in this film - Racquel does it all but the kitchen sink - and I think there might be a scene ON a sink in there somewhere. These scenes are from a wild selection of films - so the girls are varied in their styles. From fake breasts, natural breasts, shaved and unshaved pussies - this film has a cornucopia of styles on which to dine!

There is NO story line to contend with, just sex, sex, sex! Some of the scenes are a bit dated - and the music....well, it is porn music. However, if you just wanna watch hot sex then this film will deliver 10 fold!

Oh, and an added bonus, a little extra 90 minute flick called "Ghost Town" where all the people in the town are doing each other....I wanna get stranded there!

2 Disks for the price of....oh, wait...this one is FREE! You can't beat that with a stick....but I bet Racquel would!

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane...

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Get ready for a lot of sex, Racquel Darrian style! Racquel was very popular all throughout the 90’s, and in this film, you have 22 scenes, yes, I said 22 scenes, to see why Racquel was so popular! Go back to when nails & hair were long, earrings & hair were still big, and bushes were sometimes plentiful!

This is a 2 disc set, with the main feature disc, along with it’s easy to choose scene selection, photo gallery and so on, and also a bonus disc of 90 minutes more of sexy fun! You can pick and choose your favorite scenes over and over again, and with 22 of ‘em, there will be quite a few, at least there are for me!

This Vivid film is a 4 hour compilation of Racquel’s most famous films, such as: Where the Boys Aren’t #5, On Trial #4 Torrid Tales, Cloud 9, Original Sin, Kink, and several of the Bonnie & Clyde series. This film has something for everyone: Female on females, 3-somes with men, and all women, and one on one with a man and woman too. Different scenes from the different films mix it up quite a bit: some BDSM, voyeurism, toys, great lingerie, killer shoes, and so much more will tempt and tease your eyes. These clips are also a great variety of what were up-and-coming porn stars, in various stages of their (and their breast’s) careers.

Racquel has some great oral skills, and she has a smokin’ hot bod to go with them! She knows just what to do, which is pretty much everything, and how to show off her “assets”! I’m probably a bit partial, since I too am a brunette! I had a couple fav scenes, such as the first one from On Trial #4, where there was some light bondage, crimped hair, and the leather and chain outfit she had on I recognized as one I own myself! Another favorite scene was the second scene from Lunachick, near the end of the film. Let’s just say….WOW!

This is a great film to add to any collection, and this one will definitely be viewed here again!

October 2007 DVD of the month

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Vivid presents “Racquel’s Award Winning Sex,” 22 of Racquel Darrian’s “most daring and industry-acclaimed adult scenes!”

This lengthy DVD is a compilation of select scenes from various Vivid productions and every single one of them is worth watching! Each scene gets straight to the business of PLEASURE with no storylines getting in the way.

Racquel Darrian is super hot. :wub: She has a fantastic, toned body, full breasts and a gorgeous face. This brunette beauty doesn’t just act her scenes, she really lives them and gives one Hell of a presentation, making the viewer feel like a voyeur in the same room.

Casts range throughout as Racquel partakes in all sorts of fun. With the exception of MM (which obviously wouldn’t include our female star), LOTS of variation occurs, as does the number of people involved in each scene. If you like MF action, you’ll get it. If you like FFFMM action, that’s in there, too, along with everything in between.

Light kink and bondage make their way onto this DVD, as does toy use. Some creative use of flowing water gets one woman wet in multiple ways as well!

As all the chosen scenes are from the 1990s, there is a slight “feel for the times.” Crimped hair and long, brightly painted fingernails are common. The music is definitely 90s as well. However, I found all these things not to be “over the top,” but complimentary to one another in whatever I was watching. Different backgrounds and outfits (including some fantastic footwear!) also add to the visual delights.

I’ve yet to watch the Bonus DVD, truth be told, but if it’s more of Racquel Darrian, I can only imagine it to be HOT. This DVD set is definitely a “must get” and a “must watch” ... over and over and over again!

Racquel's Award Winning Sex is October 2007's DVD of the Month!

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