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Dee and I have been discussing anal. Specifically, how often you can do it, safely not in terms of fairness for partners. I said every other day, she says every day. We really couldn't find any information on how often it can be done, so we were wondering if you could shed any light. We pretty much engage in some sort anal play every day. We haven't noticed any side effects, but considered things might be different a couple of years down the line. Is it safe to engage in anal, anal play, pegging, etc. every day? Does it need to be spaced? If it needs to be spaced out, how often? Thanks beforehand.


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I am sorry that I seemed to have glossed over this question - but now that I see it, I do have an answer for you! :D

There are many myths that having too much anal sex will cause "leakage" or "loose bowels" in later life. Or, that if you have too much anal sex your ass hole will look like one of those huge gapers in the nasty porn ads. The truth is, when done SAFELY - anal sex can be done daily without consequence. What does this mean? Using lots of lube, going slow, never continuing if there is pain or discomfort, taking time to heal if you have a tear or hemmoroids. Use common sense.

It also means not being stupid about stretching your anal canal (and YES, you can stretch it). If you are using butt plugs, having anal sex, or using extra large toys to stretch out yourself and NOT taking time to let it shrink back - then you could be asking for trouble. This does not happen instantly - or even after quite a bit of anal sex - this would take years of constant stretching.

There is another myth that 'gay men' have to wear depends after years of anal sex. Also, not true. However, as we get older, all our muscles stop being so elastic and they will not shrink as much as they did in our 20s or 30s. So, take care of your body and your muscles - do kegels - men and women should do them, and this will help to keep the muscles taught. Use common sense - that is the biggest thing of all.

So, to answer your question - you can have anal sex every night if you wish. Just follow the anal sex rules and you should be up for years and years and years of wonderful anal play.

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