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Here Is A Real Question!

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Alright gang I really want to get into my mans ass with a full size dildo maybe 6 inches

How many of you gals would like to get you man in that way or is it just me? ;)

I want to tie him down and then get him that way I want to control the sex act from start

to finish and only stop working his ass when I can make him cum by wacking him off.

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Well, I want the most pleasure for my man that he can possibly have. It doesn't matter to me what he wants me to do to help make it better and I like being in control sometimes.

I tease him all the time and tell him I'm going to tie him down, but that situation would only entail play that I know he really loves. I wouldn't come at him with a 6" dildo if it's not something we've done before or if he never expressed an interest in it.

We both love anal when he's giving it to me, :P and he likes some stimulation on his balls and underneath them, but no I wouldn't tie him down and sodomize him.

Does your man like anal? Has he ever done it before? If he hasn't imho I wouldn't do that. I would hate it being done to me.

ETA: Does he ever let you control the sex or does he always do it?

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Fantasizing is very healthy, normal, and always encouraged, however, if your man isn't into anal play, coming at him while tied up with a dildo would probably not be a great idea. Relationships and sexual exploration require trust, and if you did that, he'd have every reason NOT to trust you.

Anal play should be with consenting adults, and done gradually, and don't forget LOTSA LUBE!!

However, if he's all for this S&M or "rape" fantasy, then, by all means, have fun with it, remember the lube, and have a Safe Word.

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I do not think that this is an unusual thought or desire. Many women want to know what it is like to 'control the sex' and 'be the man' so to speak. However, I would fully caution anyone who is interested in this sort of play to GO SLOW! Using a 6 inch dildo on a man who has never had anything up his ass - would most likely not be pleasurable without the proper precautions. I suggest starting slower - fingers first - then smaller toys, then bigger toys or plugs and THEN the bigger one. If he is open to this, then begin your play consentually with plenty of lube (you can never have too much) and once he feels how good anal penetration is, he will want something bigger. Go slow hon, you can't rush this kind of play and you certainly wouldn't want to tear his anal opening or lining!

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