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I bought my self the BLUE CORK SCREW I think that is what it's called. I thought I could practice anal on my own so that when I'm ready to try with him I'll be more prepared. So one day while I was home alone I went and got it and tried anal. I am pretty much still a virgin there nothing more than a finger so I know it hurts for bigger. Anyway it wasn't easy like I said still like a virgin so very very tight and it kept bending on me. So I tried different ways and finally got it started. But the pain started also. :angry: I lubed it and me up again and gave it another shot.

There was pain not as much, than as I went a little more it was gone. :o:D No more pain :D I pulled it out again little more lube it and me and inserted pain free :lol: OHHH I was a happy girl, so I have the little bullet used it at the same time. I was enjoying it thats for sure. BUT :( I wished I had my vib to because I was really needing that extra feeling. So next time oh yeah there will be a next time I'm not forgetting the vib.

So anybody out there who tries anal or worries about the pain I think you should try on your own. and when it starts to hurt pull out than try again. When I had the little stretching feeling I slowly kept going and it was like once I past that one spot the pain was totally gone. Not on that first try though. And I have to say LUBE.

Now I have a question would it be really bad if I never let him know I have my blue friend and bullet?

I bought a anal plug for him to use on me I'm going to give it to him on his Birthday :D and we have a vib so can I keep my secret toys my secret????? Or will that be bad?

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Yay you!!! I think many people could really benefit from your advice/experience! Trying stuff that's on your own, where you're in control, gives you a bit more confidence, allowing you to relax. I'm glad it worked so well for you!

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