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I'm looking for a clitoral stimulator that I can use during intercourse with my husband. I need it to be REALLY strong and something that will run on double or triple A batteries.

Anyone have any advice? Most bullets seem to use watch batteries, which gets very expensive since they don't have rechargeable. Also, the bullet I have isn't real strong.

Any help is appreciated - we're entering our 8th month of pregnancy and good positions are hard to come by.



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Most of the nicer, STRONGER bullets take the batteries you're looking for. I would check the Sex Toy Reviews forum & see which bullets worked for members & reviewers alike. In fact, I am writing a review on one right now, which I hope to get up in the next day or so. Look for details such as shape, size, materials, and if it's waterproof. Also if volume is an issue, most of us try and tell how loud/quiet the toy is.

Good luck in your search!

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I bought a Colt DOUBLE bullet that has 7 different functions!! Both bullets are VERY strong, even on low. The great thing is, is that both bullets run strong at the same time and they both have their own stop button so they can be on different functions at the same time. I get off on these bullets in under 20 minutes!! I love this toy!! I use it...or them....so much that I masturbate up to three or four times I day.

Colt 7 Function Twin Turbo Bullet

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