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Candida Royalle's "urban Heat"


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Urban Heat

DVD: Candida Royalle’s “Urban Heat”

60 minutes run time

Femme Productions

This DVD was made in the early 80’s so my husband and I had to get over the music, clothes and hair (it gave us a good laugh to see some purple hammer pants!). The camera was acting as a spy moving through the city secretly viewing lovers, dancers, and sunbathers. It begins at a dance club with a waitress and a patron. They escape to the basement to have sex. This is the first sex scene and we were a little disappointed because, as my husband said, they “cartoon-ized” it. The details were obscured a little with the way they used some visual effects. Another thing that disappointed me was the male actor wasn’t erect for like the first half of the scene.

As the waitress and patron are getting it on, the camera find two dancers and focuses on them. The dance floor seems vacant as they meet. This sex scene is better as far as no visual effects. But like the first guy, this dude doesn’t get erect either until the BJ.

The camera zooms away and peeks into an apartment bedroom where two lovers are waking up. This scene is better for me as the man is erect right away (more believable) and my husband liked it for the heavy petting scenes.

The fourth scene is two lovers sun bathing on top of a building. They take turns pouring baby oil on themselves and playing with each other. This is a good scene because it seems the most realistic to me and gives the most visual details.

The camera then finds two lovers lying on a couch, sweating from the heat using a fan and ice cubes to cool down. They are watching porn on the TV and soon start playing with the ice, teasing one another.

The last scene is two lovers eating breakfast outside under an arbor. They are feeding each other fruit and soon end up in the kitchen of the house. They have sex against the counter inside the house, still feeding eat other the fruit.

We gave this movie 2 ½ stars. The music was bad, as well as the clothes. My husband was disappointed that there was no “money scenes” as you could only guess at the climax (if there was one). This DVD is not something we would watch again.

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Almost looks like a cheezy version of Dirty Dancing from the cover!! LOL I could actually PICTURE "Hammer Pants"!!! :rolleyes:

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Yeah no kidding!!! That dude on the cover was the guy in purple hammer pants, and a black cut off shirt, with the sides of his mullet greased back. DH and I were laughing so hard we almost forgot that it was porn. lol

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