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This was a fun product I was excited to test. I was pleased to receive the Green Apple flavor, as it is not that common in flavored sex products. The fact that it is tart was also interesting. I also liked that this was not just a flavored massage oil, but an actual lube! I tried it out on my husband, and while the taste wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great either. It was a little sweeter than expected and it did have a bit of an unpleasant after taste, but then considering what it was being used for, it wasn’t bad. It certainly made it a bit more fun and pleasurable for both of us. Because this product is also a lube, it was very nice for taking breaks to stimulate him with my hands. It doesn’t get sticky and isn’t too thick. I would have loved to have tried it on myself and see how my husband liked it, but even though it is a lubricant, I was a little leery of using it near my vagina, for fear of a sugary product causing a possible yeast infection. All in all, this is not a bad product for adding a little bit of fun and flavor to the bedroom.

Sex Tarts Sampler Set

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I'm curious as to the ingredients in the lube that would make you fearful getting it near your vagina? Did the bottle say "Not for internal usage/external use only"?

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