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We go into the room and make plans for lunch. I can't take my eyes off you though Sophia and feel my dick stirring as a watch your hips and breasts sway as you move toward the bed with your clothes tucked under your arm. I know we are planning lunch, but all I can think about is eating you and then fucking you senseless.

You begin to dress. I just stand here watching you and playing with myself to get hard again. "Hold on a second," I say as you begin to pull your skirt up, "I know I said I wanted to get something to eat and then to eat your pussy; but I think we're going to switch things up a little." Topless, with your hands holding the waist of your skirt halfway up your legs, you arch an eyebrow, "Oh?" you say.

"Lie down," I tell you. You drop back onto the bed and I come close and pull your skirt down and off. Your skin looks so pure and soft as you stretch out there on the bed - your legs draped over the edge, your toes brushing the floor. You look up at me - a smile on your face - as your chest rises and falls with the stuttering breath of anticipation.

Your arms are flat on the bed, your palms at the edge. I could look at you like this all day - you laying there waiting, me standing there letting desire build and build inside me; a desire to press my mouth onto your skin, to push my mouth against you, to taste the wet from inside you. What is running through my head is making me feel drunk for you.

I can see your breasts rising and falling faster as you wonder what will happen next, when will I move to you, when will you feel my kiss between your legs, the build to orgasm beginning and breaking as I run my tongue around your clit. It's almost as though time has stopped and we are frozen like this - full of desire; but still.

Now I can't stand it and throw myself to the floor between your legs. I spread you wide and plant my mouth against you - twisting my tongue into you. Your legs lift and drop over my shoulders, pulling me closer to you. I fuck you with my tongue, moving it in and out of you, tasting you in my mouth. I am so hard for you kneeling there.

My lips brush your clit. My arms are under your legs, pulling you toward me. I can feel your heels in my back. I look up at your face. Your eyes are closed and your lips are pressed tight together - your tongue slides out and runs along your upper lip. Your nipples are hard and rise and fall faster but unevenly as you become more excited.

My tongue is moving up along your left lip and then I suck it, stretching it with my mouth. I can hear you let out a long sigh as I push my tongue back deep into you - moving it along the walls of your pussy, licking and twisting it inside you. You are getting wetter and wetter and I suck the wet from you.

We stay like this for ages - me fucking your with my tongue, you arching and twisting on the bed - flush appearing on your chest and spreading. I want you to cum. I take my face away from your pussy for a moment. You protest. "Tell me when you want me to fuck you," I say, "I want to be in you soon."

My words make you shimmy toward me, "I want you to keep kissing me," you moan, "I want your mouth on me more please." I can't say no or stop myself, so my mouth is on you again - sucking and kissing and licking you. I can feel your legs starting to tighten around my head, your hips grinding and bouncing against me, your breath coming out is loud groans and gasps and moans.

Your hands are on your breasts, pinching and twisting nipples. The flush is on your throat and spreading to your cheeks. Your sucking air in loud now, craning your head up to look at me between your legs. "OK," you say softly; and then louder, "OK, I want you in me, I want to feel you in me."

I can hear you but I'm not done yet, I want to hear you screaming for me to be in you, I want you to be thrashing on the bed unable to control your breath or body, I want you to cum and cum and cum before I fuck you. One leg jerks while the other grabs at me. Your hands are back on the bed, holding and twisting the bedspread. You're doing everything you can to push your body hard against my face.

You begin to roll onto your side, my head held tight between your thighs is dragged along. You are moaning loud now - loud raw breath sounds coming in and out of you, Your body twisting and flopping on the bed. My mouth and tongue are pressed and sliding in and around and over you as you cum.

I push my tongue into one last time - as deep as I can - and run it along the top of your pussy. My dick is so hard and I just want to get it inside you. I pull away and stand. "Turn over," I tell you, with my hands on your hips rolling you onto your stomach. You follow my lead and are on your belly in a heart beat - you legs still over the edge of the bed.

I move between your legs fast and press my dick against you. You let out a gasp as I push in between you lips and up into you. Your pussy is so wet and smooth that I slide deep right away. I push you along up the bed so I can kneel on the bed behind you. My hand are on your hips pulling you against me.

I am smacking my dick into you hard, sliding into you deep. Your breath comes out in bursts with our movements - loud. We fuck like this - your ass in the air, your chest on the bed - for minutes. You're almost in a trance - lost to anything but the feeling of my dick pushing into you, my hand on your ass.

All of this is too much for me - the taste of your pussy on my lips, the sight of you cumming, the feeling of my dick in you, the sound our you breathing and groaning and gasping - and I begin to cum up into you, deep in your pussy my cum is spreading. I lead forward and kiss the side of your head, my lips brushing your ear - you stiffen as I kiss it and tell you how much I love being inside you.

Your ass is jerking against me, jerking all of the cum from me, as I move my mouth to your hair, kissing you and cumming into you and struggling to breathe myself. Your body jerks and trembles under me. I roll off you and onto my back beside you on the bed, You're rigid next to me - with tight trembling breaths. I am on my back, gasping for air and staring at the ceiling.

We both stay like this - quietly - for a while. You speak first: "Now can we get some lunch?," you ask. I laugh and gently slap your ass. "Yeah," I say, "I guess now we'd better - but when we get back in straight back into bed - do you understand?"

You roll and face me, a smile on your lips and a sparkle in your eyes. You give me a kiss - soft and gentle - and tell me OK.

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Dang Nuri! Your best one yet! This lesson should definitely be in the "required courses for all men" school. :P

Thanks Chloe - I just reread it myself and agree that it's a pretty good one. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Dang Nuri! Your best one yet! This lesson should definitely be in the "required courses for all men" school. :P

holy crap, N! I agree! Very exciting!

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