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Savana's Secret Sex Society


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Savana’s Secret Sex Society

Vivid Entertainment brings you another 4 hour compilation of one of their most popular adult actresses, Savana Samson. PLUS you get a bonus 90 min. DVD as well! 2 for the price of one! Gotta love bonuses!

First, the main feature:

You have scenes from previous films such as: The Fetish Underground, Big Blow Out, Adore, I Love This Business, Portrait of Sunrise, Where the Girls Aren’t 16, Girl of My Dreams, and several more. 21 scenes in all, but there are several repeats of what movies they’re from. Between 4-6 scenes in, you get a “commercial break” for some adult phone sex company! The first time it happened, I was 6 scenes into the DVD, (less than an hour) and I was like “well, they did a misprint on the box”. But, lo, and behold, I was wrong, and another scene intro popped up, and you really do get 4 hours of Savana getting down to business!

The stars that help Savana get off include: Briana Banks, Taya, Katsumi, TJ Hart, Tony Tedeshi, Steven St. Croix, Evan Stone, and many more!

You have a variety of scenes ranging from 3-somes, Female 3-somes, Couples, Fetish, Madame/Slaves, and Voyeurism. So there's something for everyone here!

One scene was kind of dull, because they looked like they kept looking for the director, asking if was OK, and getting directions, like a practice scene. Some of the other scenes were older, and therefore, the quality of them wasn’t the greatest. One of my favorite scenes was from the film Room For Rent, where they get at it outdoors, and have a peeping Tom-ette! I love sex outdoors, so I loved that scene.

You even get to see a scene from Bare Stage where Evan Stone, famous for his really long hair, complete with head flips, has SHORT hair! Talk about early stuff!

This DVD only had Scene Selection, Photo Gallery, & More Previews for the bonus material. But, as mentioned before, there IS the 90 min. bonus DVD included…”The Lie”, starring Kobe Tai, Maya, Leanna Heart, Mark Davis, & Vince Voyeur. There are 8 lengthy tantalizing scenes of this fairly followed plotted film.

Kobe’s married to John, some sort of businessman that likes his Dom more than the office and wife. Everyone at the office covers for him, but Kobe seduces her way into finding out what exactly is going down, or should I say, who’s going down, and that would be her husband. Talk about a sexy take-over! Don’t mess with Kobe, she’ll take you down, and find someone else to go down on her, no questions asked!

This bonus DVD is definitely a must-see! I dare say I preferred the bonus DVD to the main feature!

March 2008 DVD of the Month

2 for the price of 1

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Savanna Samson makes a killing in this compilation of many sexy Savanna scenes! This 4 hour master film is a patchwork DVD of some HOT movie scenes starring the lovely Savanna and some other notable stars. SOme of the titles include: The Fetish Underground, Big Blow Out, I Love This Business, Portrait of Sunrise, and one of my favorites Where the Boys Aren't 16! IF you use the scene selection option at the beginning of the DVD menu, you will see that there are 21 hot scenes to choose from - a virtual buffet of Savanna Sexiness!

I personally enjoy Savanna's films - especially her latest ones. She is a hot blonde, with decent sized breasts (which are pierced now) and she has a tight, tiny, shaven snatch that is also pierced! I love the pierced babes! There are also other hotties in the film and some studly fellows as well. The sex is mixed up well, with FF, FFM, FFF, FFMM, and almost any combination thereof with a great variety of 'scenery' - the least of which is Savana's beautiful bod. One of my favorite scenes is when 2 girls are going at it 69 and two guys are pounding each girl at the same time - now THAT is a fantasy!

Some of the older scenes were a bit......uninteresting - but the newer scenes are definitely hot. There is ample dirty talk and a lot of cum shots! Oral, vaginal, double oral, blowjobs - but I did not see any anal - unless I missed it - although there is a lot of 'fingers' in the ass.

The second feature was almost better - but I think it was because I prefer one, straight film to the little scenes - but that is definitely MY personal preference. If you love Savanna Samson then this film is for you - plus you get one more to get off on when you are sick of Savana - but then, who would ever get sick of Savanna? In this film Savanna sure smiles, and cums, and cums, and CUMS - and so might you!

March Free DVD

Get in on the SECRET

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Secret Sex SocietyDVD_VIV043main.jpg

This vignette based DVD stars Savanna Samson and a host of others in hours of hot sex scenes that deliver just what you want to see; lots of skin and lots of sex. Each separate scene lasted five to ten minutes each and the producers didn’t waste anytime with lead in or plot details. These scenes get right to the point, so if you’re looking for an all action film, this one is for you.

Savanna is a beautiful blonde and she shines center stage in each unique clip in a different hot outfit, a new background, and more sexy co-stars. No matter what you are looking for, this film has it all: corsets and fishnets, sweet vixens, shaven and pierced, outside, indoors, doms and subs, duos, threesomes, and dual couples, lots of T&A, lots of deep throating, lots of banging and pounding, and lots of cum shots.

We watched this film with the intent to pick it apart for review, but we couldn’t stop watching long enough to take notes, and all we could say was “wow!” This film pleased even the most finicky of porn watchers.

In addition, there is a bonus 90 minute plot based film titled “The Lie” starring Kobi Tai. The basic plot revolves around a cheating office husband and a wife that doesn’t allow him to get away with ignoring her. Basically, everybody gets well sexed and the lying husband gets screwed.

As is our style, here are the top five responses voiced while watching these films:

• “Fifteen minutes into porn and we finally get to see a vagina!”

• “Obviously the writer’s strike affected the porn industry too.”

• “Is that Phantom music?”

• “What’s with all the shoes? I want some good barefoot sex!”

• “Damn, his tongue moves fast.”

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