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You Know You're Married When:


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Subject: how to tell you are married

Three women: one engaged, one married and one a mistress, are chatting


their relationships and decided to amaze their men. That night all three

will wear black leather bras, stiletto heels and a mask over their eyes.

After a few days they meet up for lunch.

The engaged woman: The other night when my boyfriend came over he found


with a black leather bodice, tall stilettos and a mask. He saw me and


"You are the woman of my life. I love you." Then we made love all night


The mistress: Me too! The other night I met my lover at his office and I


wearing the leather bodice, heels, mask over my eyes and a raincoat.

When I

opened the raincoat he didn't say a word, but we had wild sex all night.

The married woman: I sent the kids to stay at my mother's house for the

night. When my husband came home I was wearing the leather bodice, black

stockings, stilettos and a mask over my eyes. As soon as he came in the


and saw me he said, "What's for dinner, Batman?"

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